Sorry, Homophobic Gamers. Queers In Sci-Fi Ain’t Nothing New

They also claim ‘there were no LGBT characters in any of the Star Wars movies.’ I don’t know which wacky re-cut version of Star Wars they’ve been watching, but I saw the original when I was about six years old and even then I was struck by how outrageously camp C-3PO is. He was a gilded John Inman in space.

And what about Luke Skywalker? Apart from briefly kissing his own sister, he shows no interest in women whatsoever. The first film is a tender gay parable in which Luke falls in love with Alec Guinness and gradually “comes out” as a Jedi. The final scene oozes symbolism: having penetrated the Death Star’s trench in his phallic spacecraft, he closes his eyes, submits to his true inner instinct and triumphantly blasts his X-Wing’s seed into an anus-like aperture, causing an orgasmic eruption that changes his universe for ever. It’s hard to see how they could make Star Wars any gayer, unless they gave the Millennium Falcon a handlebar mustache.”

—Writer Charles Brooker, zapping gamers complaining about gay storylines in new releases like Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, in The Guardian.