Sorry, JC Penney. Daniel Nardicio Ain’t Impressed

Oh, dear God, stop Gap, JC Penney and all other big box stores trying to be “edgy” using gay couples in your ads! It’s too much now.
They need to do ads about real gay men—at toilet stalls doing lines, pulling taffy and trying to pick up the busboys.
NYC Party Promoter Daniel Nardicio, joking about the spate of gay-inclusive ads popping up from major retailers, on Facebook. Nardicio’s next event, The End of the World XXX Christmas Party, is December 20 at the Cock.

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  • Gigi Gee

    Thanks for that. One party I won’t be going to.

  • daniel11211

    no one wants you there fag.

  • the other Greg

    Dear Queerty: Your computer seems to have gotten some of your headlines mixed up. There was one from yesterday, “Why Some Gay Men Hate Gay Men,” that somehow got misplaced from this story.

  • viveutvivas

    To all the gays who think that this means JC Penney, etc. “like you, they really, really like you.”

    Well, they actually don’t like you at all. They like your money, and they will do what they need to to get it.

  • Mikey

    Bitch when we’re not included. Bitch when we are included. Geez. Sounds like he’s been spending too much time in “toilet stalls doing lines.”

  • 2eo

    @viveutvivas: You mean a company is acting in their best interests.


    What a delightful and glorious insight. You know at least BJ and Avenger are comically cretinous, you are only the latter.

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