‘Sorry’ Video Too Naughty For TV

madonna sorry video middle finger

In her usual marketing-genius style, Madonna has created self-promoting controversy by producing a video too scandalous for TV.

It is the latest in a string of censored videos from Madonna; most recently, she actually chose to pull her video for “American Life” without being told by censors to do so, due to the implied anti-American sentiment. The video shown in its place was a boring re-cut, hastily edited together. And it’s a shame, because we’ve seen the original, and it’s her best video to date.

Now that she is a mom, Madonna only sees fit to raise controversy among other moms, which she succeeded in doing with the video for her latest single, “Sorry.” In the original cut of the video, now only viewable on producer Marco Puig‘s website, there is a less-than-one-second scene of her flipping the camera a disdainful bird. In the final release, it is gone! Apparently the moms at MTV did not approve.

But it can be seen HERE: Marco Puig Click on “showreel” to play.

We realize that everyone matures as a person and an artist, but are we the only ones who feel nostalgic for the far more titillating Madonna of the 80s and 90s? Let’s travel back in time together with some video screen caps after the jump.

Madonna open your heart video

Madonna like a prayer video

Madonna express yourself video

Madonna human nature video

[Screencaps courtesy of Madonna Collection]

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