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Sorry You Weren’t Invited to D.C.’s ‘First Deaf Mute Gay Marriage’

If the fliers circulating the D.C. Police’s Major Crash Unit were actually “Celebrating D.C.’s First Deaf Mute Gay Marriage,” I would applaud them! But nah, they’re just making a mockery of homosexuals and the deaf and mute.

Two male employees throwing around gang signs — just like sign language! — appear in a flier that’s been distributed on cop desks around the department, with copy delving into the couple’s “naked sweaty man love.” There are no pencil drawings of such acts, unfortunately.

Oh, and in April similar fliers made the rounds? Wonderful!

But let the document serve its real purpose: In addition to introducing sensitivity training, how about some free Photoshop classes? Because this thing is a design atrocity.