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Sorting Out The Hot Gay Action At The New York International Fringe Festival

Ampersand: A Romeo & Juliet Story
The Purple Repertory Theater Company

Shakespeare’s classic tale of star crossed-teen lovers has been revamped so many times we’re starting to forget the original. But this lesbian pop-musical —set in Verona, Iowa, where a prissy beauty queen falls for a guitar-wielding female firebrand—has been billed as “more than a juiced-up version of the same old love story.”

[Playwright Mariah] MacCarthy’s  Ampersand explores the sometime harsh implications of being attached to the other side of an “&”. How strong is the bond of the ampersand in the face of close-minded scrutiny, deep rooted adversity, and tragedy? Ampersand: A Romeo and Juliet Story has an answer that will leave you nodding your head, wiping a tear, and wanting more.