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Sorting Out The Hot Gay Action At The New York International Fringe Festival

2 Burn
Elixir Productions Theatre Company

In Alex DeFazio’s gay noir drama, English professor Paul, fresh from a bad breakup, falls into the arms of sensitive student Manny. But Manny’s secret leads to a battle for control over language, sex, and each other.

TheHappiestMedium writes:

Love is merely a social construct deployed by people for their own ends, Paul declares, and not in a tone that is hard-bitten or love-weary. Rather in an earnest and instructive manner, careful that his listeners do not fall into the folly of believing in such an illusion. Person’s Paul exudes an openness, an unblinking wholesomeness, apparently devoid of shadow. He’s kind of like a nihilistic Julie Andrews. Which is why we settle back and read him as a sort of chump, heading for a classic theatrical pratfall. Of course he’s going to fall in love. And love is going to rip him a new one…

LaFazio has produced a serious and deep-delving piece of drama here, and is to be applauded for that much. Nevertheless, it is profoundly difficult to establish an erotic atmosphere on any stage, be it a platform or a basement, and while one can sit through the present production willing the best for all concerned, sadly this 2 Burn just does not spark.

Still, the comely leads have us intrigued.