SoulForce Tries Again; Oral Won’t Hear It

The SoulForce Arrest-A-Mobile stopped off at Oral Roberts University, dropping off a few more protesters into the hands of the local police, forcing them to pay bail and support the local economy that suppresses the gays they are trying to help.

soulforce 2.jpegWait, did that come off a little harsh? Sorry. We know we’re supposed to be supportive. We acknowledge their hearts are in the right place. But there comes a point when a “protest” turns into a “spectacle,” and people start to watch like they’re watching a car accident. I.e., going to religious colleges to protest about gay rights–and letting them know you’re coming, so they call the cops to meet you when you show up–we’re just saying, we can hear the tires starting to squeal.

Although on the other hand, they’re getting some pretty good street cred, right? That’s fun.

SoulForce Arrested At Oral Roberts University