Sound The Alarm! Ricky Martin’s Single — 5 Men Who Should Shake His Bon Bon

ricky-love-connection“Ricky and Carlos have mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be united by friendship and their shared experiences,” a Martin spokesperson told Just Jared.

That’s right, Ricky Martin has split from his longtime boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella. And the Jewish mother in us — there’s one in every gay man — has already paged through our Rolodex to find some suitable suitors to join Ricky in his vida loca.

We’re playing matchmaker, matchmaker, we’re making a match — finding Ricky Martin a find, we’re gonna catch him a catch!

Marc Jacobs


Jacobs, always a fan of a Latina, recently went through a break-up with stunt queen/porn star/model Harry Louis so perhaps he and Ricky can lick each other’s wounds. And since they both do yoga, god knows what else.

 Zachary Quinto


Both fans of the Great White Way, Martin and Quinto already have one thing in common. Maybe after Zach is finished with The Glass Menagerie, he and Ricky can mount yet another revival of Evita, this time with Ricky in the title role — Don’t cry for him, Puerto Rico — anything to bring that mustache back.

Chris Colfer


Hey, maybe Ricky’s not busy enough with two kids and he would like a third one to balance things out. The hand that rocks the cradle can also rob it. You know Chris was ready for some burglary when Ricky guest starred on Glee based on this photo (and Chris’s creeping right hand) alone.

Calvin Klein


On the other end of the age spectrum is sugar daddy extraordinaire Calvin Klein. Of course, Ricky has his own coins, but maybe he’s looking for an older, wiser man to show him how to truly love or, more realistically, how to replace one’s dentures in the middle of the night without turning the lights on.

Perez Hilton


I dunno, they’re both dads. That’s something, right? Maybe Ricky can just ignore all those years of gay-baiting on Perez’s behalf and Perez can take a note from Ricky on how to take a shirtless family portrait that won’t haunt people for all eternity.

Now there’s no edict that says Ricky has to date a fellow celeb so there’s potentially hope for anyone. But since it’s not every day that a sexy, Latino pop star and noted DILF — bachelors don’t get more eligible than that — is on the market, so for the especially thirsty lads out there: let’s keep it civil.

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  • balehead

    This is insulting and demeaning……

  • Cam

    Wow, I didn’t think that the choices could get worse than Marc Jacobs….and then I continued to read.

  • Niall

    I know someone will tell me this is supposed to be a “joke”, but you do know that both Zachary Quinto and Chris Colfer are in relationships right? And If I were Ricky Martin reading this article, I’d drag you to filth for even suggesting he gets with the uber sleazeball that is Perez Hilton. Gross.

  • Spike

    Tom Daley should shake his bon bon.

  • barkomatic

    It’s hard to believe that Ricky Martin is in his 40’s–he’s so damn good looking. I doubt he’ll have a hard time finding a guy to date if that’s what he wants.

  • Dixie Rect

    Not only is this insulting to Ricky Martin, its insulting to all gay men. It should be removed from this site.

  • mpwaite

    OMG QUEERTY!! Ricky Martin has taste, THANK YOU!! Also, not ONE Jewish Yenta would EVER offer up these guys to Ricky… Oy Gevalt!! Ricky is a mensch; these guys are putz’s!!

  • TVC 15

    @barkomatic: You don’t get out much, do you? Plenty of gay men in their 40’s are very hot.

  • ouragannyc

    I’m gonna be Ricky’s new man. Watch biatches, just watch.

  • Pamela101

    my buddy’s aunt makes $76/hr on the computer. She has been out of a job for nine months but last month her payment was $21222 just working on the computer for a few hours. look these up……

  • jimbryant

    The thing about Ricky Martin is that he’s a gorgeous man who used his good looks to market himself to women. He got successful and rich off this marketing scheme.

    When he came out, his female fans turned against him. They stopped buying his records. His record label may even have decided that he’s not worth promoting. It all fell into a heap commercially.

    Women made him and women destroyed him. This speaks to the innate homophobia of women.

  • dougmc92

    Tom Daley could definitely use the upgrade!!

  • queenrosered

    @jimbryant: Are you freaking serious? Hahahaaa! Adam Lambert (for ONE example) has been out, loud and proud since the START of his career and his female fans ADORE him (and want to have his babies, or at least “practice” baby-making, lol!)Even lesbians love the man. It is NOT women who have “innate” homophobia. Wait…did your own Mom desert you? Turn you away when she learned you were gay? What? Because my OWN experience with gay male friends has been that their Moms are EVERYTHING to them. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but you make this “claim” out of whole cloth quite often.Just because it’s been YOUR “reality” doesn’t make it statistically everyone’s, you know? Ricky Martin’s female fans probably didn’t appreciate feeling “USED” by being “mislead” in regards to his sexual preferences.Lambert was open up front.That HAS hurt him with mainstream in the short term but he’s still making a great living without living a “lie” which must feel empowering! Thanks and good luck with that women hating thing you’ve got going on there, haha….

  • jimbryant


    Adam Lambert’s career is well and truly over. He was a momentary gimmick supported by females for tokenistic reasons.

  • alanj

    The resident troll is once again putting misleading information up:

    Ricky Martin came out in 2010, far from his fans deserting him his 2011 album debuted at No. 3 on US Billboard and became his most successful since his 1999 album.

    He is signed to Sony Music with a new album due for release soon, the first single was released prior to Christmas.

    He has expanded his business interests to include television hosting and product endorsement.

    Wikipedia also shows his influence in Latin America, Europe and Pacific Rim areas is undiminished.

  • dannyboi2

    I suppose it’s a gay thing but, we really should tone it down just a bit.
    Mercy, Ricky needs no help finding anyone and yes he is richer and more famous than ever.

  • jaleoman

    @ Jimbryant and Queenrose. RICKY MARTIN is a Global star, and is a LEGEND, A ICON in many countries,he still a huge superstar and still a hit maker and WOMEN STILL ADORING HIM. If you going to talk about Ricky Martin educate yourself better, and don’t base your opinions in the USA market, because he was a global star long before his crossover to the USA, and he still successful after the crossover to the state and his e coming out. I saw him on his black and white tour in New York and Miami in 2011, and both arenas were sold out, and just saw him in concert a couple of days ago in Mexico and was sold out too,he is one of the biggest stars in AUSTRALIA, and he is working in the number 1 show there The Voice Australia, as a coach.

    Regarding Adam Lambert, he is a new guy and had very short success, and unfortunately is preforming in small theaters, you can’t compared with an ICON THAT HAS BEEN AROUND FOR ALMOST 30 YEARS, and still packing out arenas, and stadiums all over the world. Ricky is even singing the official song for the world cup 2014.

  • jimbryant

    Some of you must be wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to Ricky Martin. You’re making fools of yourselves.

    The simple fact is that Ricky Martin has faded big time in the commercial sense. Women aren’t buying his music like they used to. It’s because he came out as homosexual. Women resented the rejection.

    Oh, yes, he might have had an album that debuted at no. 3 in 2010 but that is nothing these days. With the poor sales of albums in the USA, having a no. 1 album is very easy. The key is longevity. Ricky did not have a long chart reign with his album. Oh, and his singles have not been commercially successful as they used to be during the time he marketed himself as hetero and used pronouns like “she” in his lyrics.

    When he marketed himself as hetero, almost every estrogen-container in the United States thought he had eyes for her and her alone. Pffffft.

  • alanj

    Ignoring the facts to prove your point does not work jimbryant.

    As I said his 2011 (not 2010) Album debuted at no 3 and went on to be his most successful since 1999- no mean achievement considering the changes in music purchasing practices over those 10+ years.

    The tens of thousands of women who attended his recent sold out arena concerts also would prove your statement wrong – they may be 10 or 20 years older but they certainly are women none the less. Having unintentionally shared a train with his audience members when he played our local arena I have first hand experience of that.

    Some of his original fans may have left him but surely factors such as fickleness of the pop world and a thirty year career where he can no longer remain forever young play a role in that. Diversifying his career and income streams is also a sensible solution for an ageing pop idol, as well as concentrating on raising his young family and the charities he promotes.

    Indeed Pfffft to you, have a look on wikipedia, something you like to tell others to do.

  • queenrosered

    @jimbryant: Whatever planet you’re on, it certainly isn’t Earth! Lambert just slayed at the IHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas as the front-man for legendary rock band Queen which was the most lauded performance over two days that included Paul McCartney,Elton John, Muse, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, etc. He is also appearing as a special guest on Glee where HIS version of Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” entered the Billboard charts at higher than SHE was ever able to get that song.He and Queen are planning a North American Tour as well. People like YOU are what is wrong with the community.As alanj said to you, “Ignoring the facts to prove your point does not work” and “have a look on wikipedia”.

  • Sandra M. Mitchell

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  • jimbryant

    Lambert has flopped commercially and so has Ricky Martin. Lambert was briefly supported by women for tokenistic reasons. Martin was supported for a couple of years by women who thought he was heterosexual.

    Face it – the music industry (and the female demographic) is extremely homophobic towards male acts. No openly gay or bisexual male act was present in the Billboard Top 10 singles chart for the past year and the year before that. Not even one.

  • JayneWebsterras

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  • alanj

    Just keep repeating the same lines jimbryant, even when facts prove otherwise.

  • haringfan1

    @balehead: Yeah, Welcome to Queerty *sigh*

  • haringfan1

    @Niall: Your comments regarding Perez were far too kind, nice try though…

  • coffeeaugur

    wow … what do you have against Ricky Martin? …. RUDE

  • tada-no

    Don’t worry, history has shown that wealthy gay men with fame have endless open doors and sea of boys/men who will fall in love with them. Ricky can rival CK on his choice of a porn star boy-toy if he wants one.

  • Kangol


    Please don’t feed the troll. It attempts to hijack every thread with bizarre posts that often include a strong dose of misogyny. If you can, ignore it and let it JiBJaB to itself.

  • alanj

    @Kangol: To the misogyny add homophobia, transphobia and ethnic stereotyping- all in the last month or so.

  • queenrosered

    @Kangol: I know you’re right but it’s so tempting, ain’t it? Haha!Thanks.

  • jimbryant

    You guys can keep kidding yourselves. I’ve pointed to the homophobia of the music industry and it’s eating your guts out. So long as you can shake your faux-uteruses to a Britney song, ali’s fine with the world, isn’t it?

  • alanj

    And as is normal jim finally responds by trying to insult those who disagree with him. I think we all know who is making a “fool” of themselves….

  • MrsPatrickCampbell

    Miss Ricky is a highly skilled, and crafty homosexual, what with the 25 or so years of experience she already has on the Hershey Highway. Her bung-hole is well-travelled by now.
    Notice how she did not ‘marry’ Carlos or do any other foolish thing which might have caused her to lose any of her millio$$$$$.

    We hope something very bad happens to Miss Ricky!

  • queenrosered

    Seriously Queerty? I remark (days ago!) about how even a rock icon like Freddie Mercury wasn’t “safe” enough for the USA to admire or embrace until after his death but my comment gets terminally censored while this hate-spewing post from @MrsPatrickCampbell IS approved here? Common sense is anything BUT common apparently. smdh….

  • oldbrit

    What a bunch of losers. This is a joke, right? I feel like I need to apologize to Ricky Martin for even reading this garbage.

  • Ghstboi3

    It would be nice to see that he gets a new boyfriend/life partner when he is ready. Queerty the choices you gave are horrendous. Do not ever get into matchmaking….. please!

  • jaleoman

    @ jimbryant yoy seems to have a trauma that may be fixed only with therapy, most of the guys on here tried to educate you and informed you, but you are just PLAIN IGNORANT. Stop blaming others for your traumas and internal hate, that all that you do is diminishing everyone that is gay. Pathetic.

    I really hate ignorant people like you. I am sure that you are an old man for small town.

  • jaleoman

    @ jimbryant I forgot to mention IDIOT, Ricky’s latest album was a SPANISH ALBUM, and out of hundreds of LATINO HETEROSEXUAL STARS that record in Spanish, Ricky beat all of them and his 2011 album ” Became the highest debut Spanish album ever in history. His concerts are always sold out in big arenas, and women still going crazy about him. Get some Psychiatric help.

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