Source: Calvin Klein And Boyfriend Nick Gruber Were “Never Apart”

Remember that Daily News item claiming Calvin Klein and his boy toy, Nick Gruber, were no longer an item, basically because Gruber hasn’t been toting along to Klein’s public appearances at fancy parties? The News‘ sources are still sticking to the break-up story, but just last Thursday night, Kleingruber (we’re making that a thing) were spotted dining together in the West Village by Gawker.

A source close to Gruber met the former porn star Friday afternoon. He tells Queerty the two never split.

“Nick says they ignore the press and that all is fine,” our insider reveals. “They were never apart… [Nick’s] a good kid and I don’t think he’s hiding anything.” Apparently the two say they’re very much in love and want to be together for life.

Ain’t love grand?

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