Source: Calvin Klein And Boyfriend Nick Gruber Were “Never Apart”

Remember that Daily News item claiming Calvin Klein and his boy toy, Nick Gruber, were no longer an item, basically because Gruber hasn’t been toting along to Klein’s public appearances at fancy parties? The News‘ sources are still sticking to the break-up story, but just last Thursday night, Kleingruber (we’re making that a thing) were spotted dining together in the West Village by Gawker.

A source close to Gruber met the former porn star Friday afternoon. He tells Queerty the two never split.

“Nick says they ignore the press and that all is fine,” our insider reveals. “They were never apart… [Nick’s] a good kid and I don’t think he’s hiding anything.” Apparently the two say they’re very much in love and want to be together for life.

Ain’t love grand?

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  • Jack

    Much like marriage centuries ago, staying together for life is a lot easier when one person already has a foot in the grave.

  • EdWoody

    Again though, “together for life” isn’t really all that much of a long-term commitment when one of you’s on death’s door.

  • EdWoody

    @Jack: Is there an echo in here?

  • Corn&Porn

    After reading/seeing this I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  • Mike UK

    he’s only in it for the free clothes! :)

  • Cam

    They were apart for a short time, the banks were closed and the boyfriend couldn’t get his check cashed.

    But never fear, as soon as the banks reopened he was back with Calvin!

  • Pickles

    Who cares why they are together. If they make each other happy without whatever they are each bringing to the table, why are people judging them? They aren’t hurting anyone.

    People’s relationships aren’t a group decision (even celebrities)

    How do you know that all the marriages between folks of the same age are based on love and not some arrangement? You can’t possibly know.

    If Calvin Klein lives another 10, 15 or 20 happy years with Nick, why is that so wrong?

    It seems to me that folks are either jealous of KC’s wealth or jealous of his boyfriend’s being with KC.

    They are two consenting adults who seem to be of sound mind and who seem happy and they are enjoying life together (whether it lasts a year or forever).

    Dating someone your own age is no guarantee of a good relationship or happiness.

    To each, his own.

  • Mike

    @Pickles: Nothing got between Brooke Shields and her Calvins. TEN YEARS BEFORE THAT TWINK WAS EVEN BORN. This isn’t even May-December anymore, this is May 1066-December 2595.

  • SebX

    @Pickles: FFS, mate. Do you really believe the young hottie would look at the old guy twice if he wasn’t rich and famous?
    I’m sure there’s love: younger loves the money and glamourous life, older loves fresh, hard, young meat.

  • Marc

    Right on Pickles!! I am they’re together or back together. I find that people who criticize these relationships are typically envious of one or both parties involved in the relationship or are a victim of their own insecurities.

  • dvlaries

    Oh thank heavens. My worry-filled sleepless night are over.

  • Mike UK

    @SebX: I’m with you on this one!

  • Cam

    @Marc: said…

    “Right on Pickles!! I am they’re together or back together. I find that people who criticize these relationships are typically envious of one or both parties involved in the relationship or are a victim of their own insecurities.”

    Envious? Gee, that must be it. They are either envious of somebody who is a plastic surgery addict in his 70’s or somebody who has to resort to Porn and basic prostitution to survive.

    Which studies have you conducted, or in what area of experience have you found this? You are making a declarative statement here that “You have found”, but have nothing to back it up. To try to pretend that you are in such wonderment that people are commenting on a relationship between a 150 year old man held together with spit and botox and a kid who practically still has to use a fake I.D. is disingenuous.

    Your comment would be like saying that anybody who makes a comment about Hugh Hefner and his giflriends must be insecure and not simply commenting on what is obviously a ridiculous situation.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    You missed Marc’s second assessment “or are a victim of their own insecurities.” Stop being the love police. This relationship has nothing to do with you. Go about your own business.

  • Mr. Robertson

    Wow. You queens really never miss a change to get your bitch on.

  • Daez

    @SebX: Who are you to judge? Some cynical twit without any idea of what love is? Lots of younger guys go after older guys. Sure, security plays a part in those relationships, but it doesn’t mean they do not love each other. Oh, and by the way, security plays a part in EVERY relationship regardless of age.

  • Daez

    @Cam: He was born on November 19, 1942. He is only 69.

  • Daez

    @Mr. Robertson: Half the men here are bitter old queens in their 40s or 50s who are simply jealous they don’t have the money and personality to attract that 21 year old boy that they see at the gym every week. The fact that this relationship exists annoys them because they want someone that looks like that to actually be truly into them.

  • Cam

    I love everybody acting like this is Romeo and Juliet being held apart by forces.

    Lets get real, this is a guy who earned his living doing porn and being a prostitute who is 21, and a 70 year old man.

    “Oh You’re just Jealous” Yeah, great comeback guys. You remind me of the right wingers who said that people who attacked Sarah Palin’s Policies only did it because they hated women.

  • pierre

    And this story affects my life how?? I could give a shit.

  • Elmwoodmac

    If grandma came to me when I was 21 and said that she hoped I got together with someone

    grandpa’s age I’d drive her straight to the home.

  • Bryan

    I don’t need to be cynical to see that this is obviously not a relationship based on love. Sure they both get what they want out of it, but am I really supposed to believe that if Klein was a rich, famous fashion designer, he’d have gotten this guy? Sure

  • FYI

    Just to be fair, May/December romances can and do happen. If you haven’t yet, check out the documentary called “Don and Chris”. It is very poignant. You can see it streaming on Netflix.

    Clip below on YouTube:

  • Cam


    The age difference was not nearly so great.

  • FYI

    Oops! The documentary is titled “Chris and Don” (had it reversed). It is the story of writer Christopher Isherwood (who wrote “I am a Camera” which was turned into the movie Cabaret) and his decades long relationship (until Isherwood’s death) with his younger lover.

  • FYI


    Legal age, like sexual orientation, shouldn’t matter. Who are we to judge. It might not work for me from a generational point-of-view — but, hey…different folks, different strokes…etc.

    BTW, Christopher Isherwood was very open about the fact that he had a rather parental interest in Don as well. It makes one shudder at first, but then I think about how I “mother” my partner (less than two years difference in age) constantly when he needs some reassurance and how often that role is reversed when I am in need of some non-physical nurturing from time to time as well.

    Sure we can make lite of it (I just did a few post earlier), but even though somethings make us feel uncomfortable (I suppose that is why we find humor in it) perhaps it is because we can see ourselves reflected in similarly situated conditions where society finds us too the odd man out.

  • Halston

    @Cam: I hear what you are saying,but I don’t know why anybody cares to express an opinion about this relationship. I see it as two adults in a realtionship that I nor anyone other than Calvin and Nick are involved in and what happens behind closed doors is their business. They are both of age and I would assume intelligent enough (particulary Calvin who should have alot of wisdom behind him due to his age and probably all the experiences he has acquired over his life time) to know what is or isn’t going on in this relationship. And, if it is a situation that love is not involved and is a pay for play type of situation that is their business…all in all who cares and good for the both of them if they are both getting something out of it.

  • Marc

    Sorry, I missed your comment Cam. I was conducting extensive studies on people who are obsessed with the love lives of others; particularly when one is an older rich man and the other is a gorgeous young man. You’ll be glad to know your comment was included in said study lol!! FYI, I don’t think I have to validate my experience by providing extensive research material and a bibliography to back it up. Furthermore, what’s disingenuous about my confusion as to why people are so hung up on a relationship that is not exactly new. Wealthy or poor, older man are sometimes in loving relationships with younger men; and vice versa. And even if they are not…why do you have such strong feelings about this relationship? You appear to revel in tearing both of these people down as opposed to providing any sort of actual validation for what’s wrong with the relationship. I don’t sleep with women, but I don’t think men who do are weird or sick. So…where’s YOUR research study? Button up honey, your insecurities are showing.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @Cam: Why are you taking this stuff so personally? If there’s one thing we gay people know, it’s that when someone starts getting all huffy and puffy about a complete and total strangers’ love life, it’s because there’s some deep-seated issue there. So, if it’s not jealousy, what *is* your issue? Because Cam, if you were a happy and contented man, you wouldn’t get like this over who Calvin Klein chooses to fuck.

  • Larry623

    I have yet to see CK with anyone over 28 1/2….

  • B

    No. 16 · FYI wrote, “Not terribly hung in his porn debut”

    While some of the facial features are a bit similar, comparing the page you offered and QUEERTY’s image above, I’m not 100% convinced it is the same person in both. Of course, lighting is different and the hair style doesn’t match, both of which make it harder to be certain.

    It’s worth being skeptical – it is just too easy to search through thousands of pictures on porn sites and pick the closest match, and readers don’t know how much searching was done.

  • CBRad

    Maybe this wouldn’t be annoying (for some of us, anyway) if Calvin wasn’t so annoying. Even though he’s a major fashion figure I’ve always seen him as a common Bronx Jew (you see, I do hate some fellow New Yorkers too, not just the transplants). I remember him in an interview gushing over this fashion-advertising jerko (I forget his name) and how he told Calvin that even the finest haute cuisine, after you eat it, turns into shit inside you anyway. That’s just…blech. Vulgar. Then he got almost homophobic during the ’80’s AIDS crisis (so trying to distance himself from gays and paint himself as straight). And now he goes after this pretty little Nazi (who’s not even that great-looking!), and…’s just all so comically yucky. But….yeah…I know it’s no big deal, it’s just….kinda funny..

  • Jeff Lassiter

    Whenever I see them around the city, it always reminds me of a gay version of “Weekend At Bernie’s”

  • Cam

    @Marc: said…

    “”Sorry, I missed your comment Cam. I was conducting extensive studies on people who are obsessed with the love lives of others; particularly when one is an older rich man and the other is a gorgeous young man. You’ll be glad to know your comment was included in said study lol!! FYI, I don’t think I have to validate my experience by providing extensive research material and a bibliography to back it up.””

    You said “In your experience” pardon me for wondering exactly just what that experience is.

    and No. 30 · Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    Ahhhh, the old, “Gee, you wouldn’t have an opinion unless you weren’t happy.”

    How sad, that anybody disagreeing with you is so beyond upsetting that you have to come up with such ridiculous statements. Sorry, my statement stands.

  • Marc

    @Cam, I have to be honest, at this point, I just really would love for you to explain why you have such a passionate response to this relationship. I’m not seeking your response from an antagonistic and vague sense. I want to know why you REALLY have a problem with this relationship; if for no other reason to feed my intellectual curiosity. Please educate everyone on why this particular relationship or type of relationship is so bad and why CK and Nick are the target of your ire.

  • SebX

    @Daez: Right, let’s recap: Seriously old guy with more money he can even count.
    Young guy using his body to make money (not that I’m judging that).
    Now they’re a couple after the old guy’s payed for the young one’s teeth fix among other probable touches, and countless thousands in clothes and travel.
    Yeah, sure, definitely sounds like love.

    I’m not saying love cannot happen between different ages, and could even understand some unsolved daddy-issues… but grandpa-issues!? C’mon!

    Bottom line, neither you or I know the truth. You choose to believe it’s love, I choose to believe that considering the overwhelming evindece it. is. not. love.

    BTW, you could only talk about my love life when it’s posted here on Queerty, ok? and precisely, since I know what love is, I can tell you THAT is not love. ;)

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    “Neither you or I know the truth … I can tell you THAT is not love.”

    It took you literally two sentences to completely contradict yourself.

  • Daez

    So what if there is money involved. It does not mean there is no love.

  • FYI

    Check it out “B”. Actually, some people did do some research. There are other examples on the Net, but, hey, so what. Actor/Bigot Charlton Heston showed off his wang (briefly) and his sagging ass in the original “Planet of the Apes” movie from the late 1960s. Nobody ever suggested that he couldn’t or shouldn’t date another Elmer Fudd from the American Rifleman’s Association afterwards. ….So, to each their own.

    The original research is here at the link below concerning Klein’s boy toy/lover:


    IN RESPONSE TO @ “B” who wrote: “It’s worth being skeptical – it is just too easy to search through thousands of pictures on porn sites and pick the closest match, and readers don’t know how much searching was done.”


    Try Google…

  • SebX

    @Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva: I don’t see a contradiction. Fsct: We don’t know the truth.
    Opinion: THAT is not love.

    Maybe I should clarify that love is different for each person, and all that… I can’t believe so many guys here believe there could be love in that relationship. Like fairy tales existed and a rich, old and decrepit, plastic-surgery fan Prioce Charming would take you flying on a magic carpet made of money around the world.

    So it’s ok to be judge me as cynical because I don’t believe there’s love in a relationship with that age and financial gap, like there wasn’t with Anna-Nicole Smith and that old fart, for example… but it’s ok for you to start judging my private life, love life, etc calling me cynical?
    Double standards much?

  • B

    No. 40 · FYI wrote, “Check it out “B”. Actually, some people did do some research….Try Google…”

    “FYI” means like the guy who “did some research” and posted a comment on QUEERTY identified a kid wearing a “GAY AND PROUD” tee shirt as being the one who appeared in preacher Bobby Blakey’s homophobic video.

    You can see it at and specifically look at:

    No 13 “This pretty much confirms that the original video was a fraud. Tyler is in this one, dancing to Lady GaGa while wearing a shirt that says GAY AND PROUD”.

    That comment was followed by No 14 “thats not tyler, I go to this school and I know who that kid is.ha” and No 15 (written before No 14 was seen): “R thought a student dancing in the video above is “Tyler”, but when I stopped two videos and compared them, it looked close to me but I wasn’t sure it was the same person. Was it?”

    Just because you can find it with Google, doesn’t mean the information is accurate.

    BTW, a couple of years ago, if you did a Google search for the winner of the “Hunky Jesus” contest the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence hold as part of their Easter party, you’d get the wrong winner. One guy made a mistake, someone else repeated what he said, and the rest of the bloggers repeated it too, figuring that what appeared to be two independent sources confirmed it. Since they all made the same mistake, how they get the information they publish is pretty obvious. So is the complete lack of reliability.

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