Source Says Sam Adams Started Having Sex With Breedlove When He Was 17


SCANDAL — A close-friend of former legislative intern and Sam Adams love-interest Beau Breedlove has told Portland’s KATU News that Breedlove had told him his sexual affair with Adams started when he was 17. If true, this would contradict the Portland mayor’s assertion that “After I learned for the first time that he was 17, I told him that I was not interested in any sort of romantic relationship because he was 17.” Furthermore, Breedlove’s father, Marty, “told KATU News by phone he believes his son had sex with the mayor before he turned 18 years old”, though he says his son has not told him the full extant of his relationship with Adams. The age of consent in Oregon is 18.

KATU News reports:

“According to Breedlove’s friend, after that admission, Beau sent him a text message telling him that the sexual relationship started when Beau was still 17 years old.

When asked if he was convinced that Adams had sex with Breedlove when the young man was 17 years old, his friend said “yes.”…

Adams denied [the allegation he slept with Breedlove when he was 17] again last weekend when he returned to City Hall for the first time since the scandal broke. “Our sexual relationship occurred after he was 18,” he said.

According to a report in The Oregonian, Breedlove admits kissing Adams on two occasions before his 18th birthday – one a prolonged kiss that lasted about a minute in a men’s room at City Hall.

By e-mail, text and phone, KATU asked Breedlove if there were any inaccuracies in that report or his friend’s allegations. Friday afternoon, he said “the answers I gave The Oregonian are the same as what you would be told. That’s all I have to say to you.”

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  • Kevin (New Jersey, US)

    I just don’t understand why an adult can’t keep his mits off a 17 year-old (providing that this is true – and I’m not inclined to doubt it). Doesn’t ruining your whole career get in the way of lust? Couldn’t he have just been patient? Chalk-up yet another failed gay politician (I’m from NJ and was *extremely* disappointed by the way McGreevey handled things…not that this situation is that similar…).

    I just wish these sorts of personal failings of a mayor, a visible public figure, wouldn’t fall upon gay people in general, but I know there are thousands of homophobes out west who are going to point at this and go, “See? They’re all pedophiles…” Ugh.

  • Larry

    @Kevin (New Jersey, US): That’s my fear precisely. If a straight person does something like this, it’ll be condemned, but when a gay person does it, a bunch of people take it to represent the community as a whole, often with the encouragement of televangelist demagogues.

  • Tim in SF

    So is there proof or just some guy who said he got a text message?

  • Dys

    There’s no contradiction at all, if you know how to understand “Politik”.

    1) Adams assumes Breedlove is 18, and has sex with him.
    2) Adams discovers that Breedlove is 17 and then tells him they’ll have to wait.
    3) Adams unwisely admits to close friends that Breedlove had been 17 when they first had just sex.
    4) Breedlove turns 18, and they engage in an actual consensual, adult relationship.

    At any rate, there’s every indication that Breedlove was mature enough at 17 to decide for himself whether he was hot for an older, more powerful man. There was no “vulnerable child” here to be “protected”, let alone later “avenged” for his loss of innocence.

    Let’s get all get our minds out of these people’s pants, mkay?

  • moo

    Is 18 the age of consent for straights too? Man, talk about draconian!

  • [email protected]

    I wasn’t any diff. between the ages of 17 and 18.
    But Sam should have known better in his situation.

  • Jaroslaw

    If both parties have repeatedly said Beau was over 18 then why does this story never die?

    Frankly, children in grade school know that people don’t always tell the truth, so if he was or wasn’t 18, we’ll never know will we?

    And I agree with DYS, this guy was no “vulnerable child” even if he was 17.

  • Dubwise

    I hate the everytime i see this story i think of beer.

  • lessthan

    I have to go with Dys on this, it is none of our business. I think that 17 is old enough to say no.

  • flightoftheseabird

    This story is about as stale as 20-day old bread. That being said,
    age of consent laws are to protect children. They are not meant to protect near adults who want their dick sucked. Both Beau and Sam have said they waited UNTIL Beau was 18. Now unless someone has photographic or video evidence of them having sex while he was 17 there still is no story here (there shouldn’t be if they sex when Beau was on the verge of turning 18).

  • Dan

    Who the hell cares what you think, Lessthan, the law is the friggin law.

    We have no reason to believe Sam Adams, he has shown himself to be a compulsive liar. All the evidence that’s surfaced so far, not to mention common sense, indicates he had sex with a 17 year old. Which, in Oregon, is felonious sexual abuse.


  • VegasTeaRoom

    If Adams were a Louisiana mayor and Breedlove were a 17 year old female hooker, this wouldn’t be news.

  • Tim in SF

    @Dan: All the evidence that’s surfaced so far, not to mention common sense, indicates he had sex with a 17 year old.

    I think you meant to say, none of the evidence that’s surfaced so far.

    All we have is testimony: from the man in question who has consistently stated the kid was 18, and from the kid himself who has consistently stated he was 18. That’s pretty much it.

    We also have a story from a “friend” (some friend that is, who sells him out to the media) who claims he got a text message — a text message he hasn’t produced. That’s some pretty thin soup on which to hang an entire case and destroy a man’s career and his life.

    Man, I am always surprised at how fast queers will turn on other queers. Rattlesnake fast.

  • Dan

    Testimony from interested parties is considered evidence, Tim. I think you’re confusing evidence with proof.

    Do we have proof that Adams had sex before 18? No, not yet. To be sure, there’s mounting evidence that this happened. It’s OK, tho, I’m confident the Oregon State Police will sort that end of things out.

    We do, however, have proof that Adams is a liar. We also have proof that he initiated intimate relations with a minor. Well, assuming Adams admission that he “made out” with Breedlove wasn’t a lie against his own interests. Add in Breedlove’s admissions to the Oregonian, statements by Breedlove’s father and friends. How much longer do you think it’s going to be before the police have the “proof” you’re looking for?

    Then again, you’re in such denial Adams himself could make a full admission and you’d still throw “rattlesnake” accusations.

  • Dys

    No, there’s no proof that Adams is lying (about this issue anyway). Reread my post above. Adams has been careful about how he phrases things.

    He says they had no “romantic relationship” when Breedlove was still 17. I suggested that they merely had consensual sex at that time, but Adams hasn’t breathed a word about SEX at that age.

    Secondhand accounts from so-called “friends” say Adams told them that something happened when B was still 17… This is suspect at best, but an admission that they’d “made out” as in kissed, could easily have been distorted to “hardcore group sex” by the time it’s reached the Press.

    Then A confirms that they had a short romantic relationship (technically, still never mentioning sex) after B turned 18.

    There’s no lies there, it’s just the confounded way polititians talk. Please keep this in mind as we go forward.

  • Tim in SF

    @Dan: Add in Breedlove’s admissions to the Oregonian, statements by Breedlove’s father and friends. How much longer do you think it’s going to be before the police have the “proof” you’re looking for?

    For one, I’m not looking for proof. I think this whole issue is blue dress redux. I don’t care if he had sex with him when he was 18 or just shy of 18. Don’t. Care.

    For another, I don’t think you can use offhand, secondhand quotes as evidence. Sounds like a bunch of here-say to me.

    Then again, you’re in such denial Adams himself could make a full admission and you’d still throw “rattlesnake” accusations.

    “In denial?” You can go fuck yourself, Dan. You don’t know me and you have no basis for making that claim.

    I just went back over what I wrote. I never claimed he did or did not do anything. What I said was that it’s a pretty thin story and that I’m surprised how fast queers will turn on each other. Fast as a rattlesnake. I stand by what I said.

    You’re like a gay version of Linda Tripp and I stand by that, too.

  • BombasticMo

    None of our business. Breedlove could have been 16. Time for us to stop whining about it.

    Anyone remember modeling themselves after this May-December romance?

    We’d be lucky to have a mayor as great as Brian Kinney.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Jebus Christo. This crapola is do disgusting. Given some of the outrageous comments on this thread, one would think that Sam had sex with a six year old child.

    I left home at the age of 14 and was supporting myself while continuing my high school education and already owned my first motorcycle that I operated with a restricted Florida driver’s license.

    At age 15, I had my first car and by the age of 16, I was the co-signer on an apartment lease in Manhattan with my first lover who was five years my senior.

    My grandfather and grandmother were in their mid-teens when they married in Austria.

    The legal age of consent is 16 in many countries around the world and 13 in most Asian countries.

    St. John’s Military Academy accepts children as young as 7 for preparation to becoming a killing machine for the military at age 18, but a 17 year old is “too young to be having sex” with an older person?

    When are we going to stop this religious, sexual hang-up of molly-coddling teenagers and protecting them from having their own life experiences from which they can learn and grow and start treating them like the young adults that they are?

    Teaching our youngsters to simply ‘abstain from having sex until age 18 is ridiculous. They don’t just wake up one morning with a hard-on going, “Oh wow…I think I want to have sex with someone today.” We need to be teaching these young adults about having responsibly sex (and yes, that means using condoms, both str7 and gay sex).

    Unlike the Pope and his followers, people need to realize that sex is not only for procreation. It’s also one of life’s most pleasurable activities and there is nothing shameful or sinful about it…even when it occurs at the age of 17.

    At age 14, I was not in the least bit interested in having sex with someone my own age. What were they going to teach me? How to furtively read anatomy books in the school library to learn how to insert my penis into a vagina? A lotta help that would have been for a youngster who knew that he loved boys by the time he was five years old. At age 14, I needed factual information, not religious bullshit and stupid sexual mores to frighten and confuse me about my sexuality.

    And as for you “It’s the law” self-righteous prigs, it’s also the law that we gays cannot get married like str8 folks.

    That’s just as lame as telling a 17 year old that he’s too young to be having sex with someone older than himself.

    As several poeple have already noted on this thread, if Breedlove were a hot looking chick, instead of a hot looking dude, Sam would simply be making another notch on his pistol and the ole boys would be slapping on the back for another “conquest.”

    It’s such a stupid and unjust moral standard and just like the law that prevents LGBT people from the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Breedlove’s father “believes” that Sam had sex with his son. No proof, mind you…he just “believes”, and like the religious right, that makes it so.

    I think he just “believes” that there are big bucks to be made here. That’s always what it gets down to in the end, isn’t it?

  • Buddy

    @Jaroslaw: If both parties have repeatedly said Beau was over 18 then why does this story never die?

    I’m sure it would die if it was as unimportant to everyone as it is to you. That fact that it hasn’t die kind of underscore that it may actually be more than nothing to a number of folks.

    Of course, there’s no denying that multiple faction are using it, but that true of any story, don’t you think?

    Of course perhaps I’m assuming it’s unimportant to you. If that were true you’d probably just “meh” over it instead of keeping it alive to play with it. ;)

  • Pete

    @Kevin (New Jersey, US): Because it’s not really sexual as much as it’s about power. Adams could have gotten with just about any guy for sex. Instead, he chose the 17 year-old kid. Even amongst adults, people go for the power play (e.g., college professors with students, corporate executives with underlings).

  • Rob Moore

    @Pete: I’ve been an adult most of my life. I don’t recall ever having sex for the sense of power. I had sex because it feels really good, he wasn’t cheating on someone, and nobody was into pain, blood, or bodily wastes.



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