Catching a Killer

South African Cops: Hmm, Maybe Eight Extremely Similar Gay Murders Do Make A Pattern After All

As Queerty has reported here and here and here and here, a gay serial killer has clearly been on the loose in the Johannesburg, South Africa area over the last two years. Finally, local cops agree.

After eight unsolved and very similar murders, police in Jo’burg’s Gauteng province have at long last organized a task force to find the killer, who has targeted gay men in their homes after meeting them over the internet and mobile phone apps.

The official task team was announced last week, on the same day that local gay rights group OUT announced its own campaign to pressure authorities into action.

With the murders now under at least semi-collective investigation, forensic data from one case can be compared with that of other cases.

For months, police refused to acknowledge any connection between the killings, despite repeated outcries from the gay community that there were obviously strong links among at least several of the murders.

Eight victims, including local HIV activist Jason Wassenaar, have fallen during the string of slayings, which began in April 2010. Another man, Thebe Mogamisi, has been missing since New Year’s Eve.

Photo by austinevan