South African Gay Divorce Drama!!

Reading this story, one wonders if South African homo Richard Thornton needs some tough love. The 53-year old former producer/director met his husband, Andries Jacobs at a mall, where the 20-year old Jacobs worked as a security guard. They married a few weeks later, committing themselves to a life together. Well, Thornton did, at least…

Though Thornton tells the Sunday Times that he and Jacobs agreed to share financial responsibility, he also admits that more often than not, he shelled out the dough: “He would beg me to buy things. It was all on my neck.” Thornton’s love-laden largesse apparently wasn’t enough for Jacobs, because a few measly weeks into their marriage he shacked up with another man. Gee, what a shocker!

Despite Jacobs’ transgression and sexual wanderlust, Thornton’s not ready to give up hope of eternal wedded bliss. He tells journo Khadija Bradlow that he’s not sure he’ll actually go through with the divorce, which he requested: “We are married. We are still legally married, until – if – the divorce comes through.” He goes on to assert his love – and the obvious: “I know that Andries is mine; but he’s very young … very young.” Yes, Thornton, he is – and, quite honestly, doesn’t sound like marriage material. Our advice to you: get the divorce over as quickly as possible. If not, we may have to come over there and slap you upside the head, you foolish, foolish man.