South African Inmates Clamoring To Have Foreskin Removed

I have to think that inmates in South Africa’s prisons have a few more things on their wish list — not having to crap in front of others; better tasting food; retrials — than circumcision, but officials there claim they are “overwhelmed” with requests to have foreskin removed to fight HIV, which various studies claim is effective (in Africa, or Australia if you’re a gay top) and is not effective (in the U.S.).

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  • Jeff K.

    Why civilized countries still practice this barbaric ritual in the 21st century I will never understand.

    You know what works a hell of a lot better at preventing HIV and doesn’t involve permanent genital mutilation? CONDOMS! That’s right! condoms. Whoever said that cutting apart ones penis might be partially right, but then again having all your teeth pulled will prevent cavities 100% and having a double mastectomy will certainly nip breast cancer in the bud. Why don’t we force days-old infants to undergo those procedures?

    Great. Now I’m all worked up and my day is ruined. :(

  • peteNsfo

    Asinine, US-Puritanical-Imperialism has no limits.

    Condoms prevent HIV transmission, not absence of foreskins.

    Trust me… I’ve done PLENTY of Field Research on the topic.

  • Kevin

    Because it COULDN’T POSSIBLY be both, right?

  • ron

    @peteNsfo: Let me know when you’re ready for your final oral exam……

  • Erick

    And this my friends is what misinformation does.

  • Xtincta

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Not only does south Africa have legalized gay marriage but they’re at the forefront of circumcision issues, if only the rest of the world would follow. SUCK ON THAT FORESKIN NAZIS!

  • John

    It makes perfect sense if you understand correctly how onward transmission happens that circumcision will help the problem (though done at a young age would be better) There are articles on NAM that support this if you care to read them. By the way I have a foreskin so there’s no Nazi agenda here.

  • Chip

    Circumcision is part of the rites of passage in South Africa. Boys go out into the villages where “doctors” line them up and snip snip snip right down the line. If one of those boys is HIV+, the others can become so right there. There is a campaign to educate those village elders: one knife per boy.
    I don’t know what the inmates’ desire for circumcision has to do with rites of passage into adulthood–there could be something about that along with the AIDS issue.

  • Hugh7

    Clearly they are being misinformed, because circumcision is claimed* only to reduce transmission from women to men (it may even increase the risk to women) and there are no women in men’s prisons.

    *based on some shonky science

    @Xtincta: “Foreskin Nazis”? I call Godwin’s Law. Bzzzt!

  • ait10101

    Xhosa are circumcised as a right of passage. Causes a number of deaths each year. Zulus, the biggest tribe in South Africa, are not. Recently the Zulu king OK’d it.

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