South African Marriage Debate Heats Up


All eyes are on South Africa, where the so-called rainbow nation’s parliment will soon pass a bill legalizing some sort of same-sex marriage. While the Constitutional Court ruled last year that the current marriage law, defined as between one man and one woman, derails their progressive constitution, it seems that the conservative Marriage Alliance of South Africa may be gaining a little momentum in their quest to squash gay marriage.

A coalition of religious leaders and conservatives, the Marriage Alliance plans a mass protest on September 16, to put more pressure on parliament to constrict it’s legislation. It seems that they may not need to protest, as the government openly moves closer to civil unions.

While it may be tempting to fret, it’s likely the Constitutional Court will use it’s power and push for a more “traditional” definition. The bill hasn’t been revealed yet, but will be in the next two weeks. If the march takes place, it will be a stain on the nation’s long history of mass protest and public interest: steering the international communities’ eye back to the grotesque underbelly of a nation once ruled by apartheid.

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