South African Rape Duo Have No Imaginations

It’s shit like this that makes us wonder how humans made it so far:

Two men raped a 19-year-old woman because they wanted to know how it felt to sleep with a lesbian.


The story begins like so many others – a young lesbian met three men at a bar and trusted them enough to go strolling into the night. Unfortunately, the men weren’t as trustworthy as she thought. As mentioned, two of the three wanted to experience sex with a lesbian, whatever that means. Thus, they took her to a field to find out. The third friend, meanwhile, attempted to stop them, but his efforts proved impotent. Captain Klaas Maloka of Highveld police explains:

The woman told police that she left a tavern in the early hours of the morning with three males whom she met at the club… On the way two of the men grabbed her and took her to an open field and told her that they wanted to experience what it felt like to have sex with a lesbian. They stripped her naked and raped her several times. She tried to fight them off but they overpowered her and ignored her cries. The suspects later fled the scene on foot…

To top it all off, the men failed to use rubbers. Shocker.

Luckily, the victim and other members of the surrounding community know the boys and police anticipate an easy find.

Women’s organizations came out to support the young lady. Former head of the Women’s Health and Information Services, Emelda Mamothe Boikanyo said:

These men displayed the total disdain that our society has for moral values. The fact that one of them tried to discourage the other two shows that they are not abnormal. They are just violent, aggressive and out of order… They are just bad elements of our society. It is not a crime to be a lesbian.

Too true, Ms. Boikanyo. In fact, South Africa’s the most progressive nation in the world – the lessons of apartheid led to a constitution that protects every kind of person imaginable and the nation recently legalized gay nuptials. But, of course, not everyone’s caught on. Being a lesbian may not be illegal in South Africa, but rape certainly is – hopefully these foolish goons will go away for a long time.

Editor’s Note:
You guys will notice that we took something out of Ms. Boikanyo’s quote above. We’re compelled to reply to it, but felt it inappropriate considering the sad stupidity exhibited by these two men. Thus, we’re carving out this little space to share Boikanyo’s thoughts on what the rapists could have if they really wanted to know what it feels like to fuck a lesbian:

If they really wanted that information, they could have made anonymous inquiries on talk shows, or spoken to councilors.

We really can’t imagine how you would even begin to address that on a talk-show or sex info line. Oh, wait – they could just tell them having sex with a lesbian’s just like having sex with a straight girl.