South Africa’s ANC Supports Gay Marriage

While it would have been swell to have a few moments alone with our Dornan-related fantasies, we thought it best to bring you some of the best news we’ve heard in months: South Africa’s African National Congress – the ruling party whose inclusiveness and determination helped lead the nation out of apartheid – just voted to support the government’s same-sex marriage bill, 365 Gay reports.

The full party support came after members of the national executive committee reminded party members that the ANC had fought for human rights, which included gay rights, and equality for all.

Of course not all ANC members may be so supportive. While disgraced former Deputy President (and likely next President once Thabo Mbeki steps down) apologized for anti-gay comments a few weeks back, we’re not entirely convinced he’s that sorry. No matter, because the vote’s expected by the end of the year, so by the time – we mean, if – Zuma takes office, it’ll be too late. Again: Hip-Hip-Hooray!