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South Carolina Supreme Court Says Street Preacher Can Resume Screaming At Lesbians

South Carolina street preacher Joseph Bane received a welcome reprieve from the state’s Supreme Court this week when it overturned his conviction tied to screaming at a lesbian couple in 2007 about homosexuality’s evils. (Fellow street preacher Joshua Glidewell was also arrested but not convicted.) A Greenville city ordinance that bans humiliating, offensive, scary or obscene comments is too vague to be considered constitutional, and thus unenforceable.

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  • the crustybastard

    Well then, gloves off, ladies.

    Feel free to unload all the humiliating, offensive, scary and obscene comments you like at said preachers.

  • hephaestion

    If they can scream at us, we can scream at them. I confronted an anti-gay minister who was screaming anti-gay shit into a microphone in downtown DC… I grabbed his microphone and screamed “FUCK YOU!” into it, and then walked off. My only regret is that I walked off.

  • Apple

    that sign is wrong is that is the one the preacher is using to attack lesbians cause that sign looks like two guys doing it doggy style so if that is his sign he might want to get a sign of two women doing some muff driving.these street preachers are proof that evolution of human animal still needs work..

  • Joe in Savannah

    Street preachers should be illegal. I live in the south, and they are very annoying. I’ve been yelled at. I just walk away. Oh, and they love their pamflets!

  • dan

    Whenever I see signs like the one pictured above with the guy bent over getting it doggie style and the red circle with a line through it, I think “counterprotesters need to create some signs with two guys doing it missionary or straddle position with a giant green checkmark on it, then stand next to the other signs so it looks like an instructional set of sign (gay doggie bad, gay missionary good, gay straddle good)” LOL

  • samthor

    scream back, mock the preachers, surround them with signs, organize a kiss in, or just ignore them.

  • customartist

    I think I’ll just take a big ol’ steaming dump into a Bible, photograph it, and put THAT on a sign.

    Taking orders now ! ! !

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