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South Carolina’s Southern Baptists Vote To Call Fags Names, But Insist They Mean No Harm

Lumping in The Gays with gambling, the South Carolina’s Southern Baptists, led by Dr. Jim Austin, last week approved a resolution encouraging pastors to continue telling parishioners being gay is a sin but offer them a shoulder to cry on.

Among eight resolutions passed at the 190th annual meeting in Columbia, the pious voted to “uphold the biblical standard of human sexuality against all onslaughts” while also requiring believers “to love and show compassion toward homosexuals and transgendered persons.” (Bisexual folks, apparently, are out of luck.) The SCSB also wants members to call their lawmakers and tell them “gambling can lead us to misuse our time, talents and resources” and that “legalizing immoral activities changes the legal consequences but does not remove the harm.” I’m actually not sure which that last quote refers to: the gays or the gambling.