South Side Black Gays Promise To Rise From Ashes

Remember the New Year’s Eve massacre in Chicago when a group of gun-wielding maniacs charged a primarily gay party and shot six people? Sure you do! Who could forget? While it may seem that there’s no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow – no arrest have been made, nor are there any leads – there is, indeed, a silver lining.

A group of activists have used the event as a pad to launch a new movement to curb homophobia in the legendarily bloody neighborhood. Speaking to the press, loving activist Marc Loveless declared:

…Out of that tragic incident, we’re able to find our voice and our strength. After we called everyone together, we did something that’s never been done before in this town. We just said to everybody. ‘We need to bring this community together with people who are responsible and call them to be accountable’.

Loveless and his cohorts have asked South Side officials to help establish more gay friendly centers to combat homophobia and, hopefully, prevent another attack.