Southern Baptist Goes Bye-bye

Lonnie Latham

Our favorite hypocritical Southern Baptist Convention exec, Lonnie Latham, who you remember as the guy who asked an undercover cop for more than just directions to the nearest church at Oklahoma City’s Habana Inn, has up and resigned [read: forced to quit in disgrace].

Latham cited “personal reasons” for his resignation. However, in resigning as pastor, he spoke in person to lay leaders and staff at South Tulsa Baptist Church.

Latham still insists he “was set up” and was in the area “pastoring to police.”

This, of course, leaves him free to “pastor” to disadvantaged men at public rest stops, glory hole-filled restrooms, and other hotels in the city that need “pastoring.”

Okla. pastor, EC member resigns after arrest [Florida Baptist Witness]

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