Southern Baptists Take on Wal-Mart

AFA may have called off its boycott of Wal-Mart back in November, but it seems a number of conservatives weren’t entirely convinced the super store had given up its “fag-enabling” ways. And they were right – some sleuthing found that the discount store’s been selling such outrageous texts as David Eisenbach’s Gay Power: An American Revolution and over 1,000 more. Vile, no? Writing for The Baptist Press, Erin Roach fumes: .

…Wal-Mart continues to dabble in supporting a lifestyle that is contrary to what many of its customers believe is natural and safe.

By offering book selections that cater to the gay and lesbian crowd, America’s top discount retailer is demonstrating a desire to satisfy a vocal minority at the expense of losing the support of a large demographic that helped make Wal-Mart the successful business it has been for years.

Such betrayal! How will they ever go on? By raising a stink, that’s how.

A number of Southern Baptists have joined behind a one Donna Garner to combat the retailer’s nefarious gay agenda. Rather than employing the well-worn “think of the children” and “devil’s work” hysteria, Garner and friends hope to educate people on the medical risks of homosexuality. Garner is, after all, an expert.

I have extensive medical data to show how very dangerous the homosexual lifestyle is… I’ve written lots of pieces and worked for several years with a hospital to write abstinence curriculum. In that time I was reading lots and lots of medical journals, and I’ve worked very hard on the medical data.

I think that’s our best angle to take on this issue, even though I know and you know that the homosexual lifestyle is a sin.

We took a look at some of her arguments and their really not that scientific. In fact, she basically just slants statistics to suit her needs. Citing CDC’s 2002 stats on AIDS-infections, she compiles the figures of men having sex with men, male drug users and men who have sex with men while also using drugs and finds that 82% of these patients are gay. Shocking. She goes on to writes,

The most dangerous practice of many male homosexuals is anal intercourse. Even when condoms are used, the participants are at increased risk because the rectum has an extremely rich supply of blood very close to the skin. Any rupturing of the condom, which is common during anal intercourse, allows sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to go directly into the bloodstream.

Because condoms never break during hetero-sex…

Garner’s not only taking on Wal-Mart, she’s been in talks with concerned Maryland mothers who have been fighting sex-education in their children’s schools. Garner recalls one conversation:

We were both lamenting, ‘How could we as Christian moms be reduced to having to look at information on anal warts?’ It is just awful…

Indeed. True Christian mothers only go to STD second base: oral herpes. Genital warts? Those are for sinners.