Southern Ladies Want No Bush


We’ll let you in on a little secret: we’ve always wanted to be Southern belles. [Post-slavery, thank you.] While to many, the image of a Southern woman may be sullied by, you know, what was once a general love of Bush – the President, not the vag – it seems times are a changin’. 365 Gay reports:

Republicans on the ballot this November have reason to worry. A recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that three out of five Southern women surveyed said they planned to vote for a Democrat in the midterm elections. With control of the Senate and House in the balance, such a seismic shift could have dire consequences for the GOP.

That’s the best news we’ve heard all day. Our dreams just got brighter. Thank you, Southern ladies, thank you.

Women in South Rejecting GOP Over War, Gay Marriage Stands [365 Gay]