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  • Goodnight Moon

    Scientologists have performed some genius PR on this guy.

    They killed his first born (took him off all his anti-seizure medication and waited for the grand mal that would finally send him to the angels) and re-invented John as heterosexual.

    And all under the nose of the mainstream media. Not a one of them are interested in checking any of this out.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @ No. 1 Goodnight Moon

    WTF? And Queerty, can’t you find something else to fucking bitch about?

    For at least the last 10 years, anybody who is anybody who frequents one of LA’s many spas, bathhouses, men’s clubs carries with them a cell phone with camera. And yet with ALL these various claims by such Travolta-obsessed loons, there is not a single photo of Travolta actually doing anything with anyone.

    If Travolta ever showed up at sex club Slammer, every single attendee would know about and most would attempt to sneak a pic.

    Perhaps you could focus a little bit on gays and lesbians who actually work hard promoting equality? Or reports on the truly evil anti-gay wingnuts. What the fuck has Travolta done to you?

  • Goodnight Moon

    i think mike is a scientologist, queerty.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Hey Moonie, Moonie?

    Not a Scientologist, Moonie, and had you and/or Queerty railed about Scientology, I wouldn’t have bothered commenting. Though in Asheville now, I was a weekly regular hanging out in various LA spas/bathhouses/clubs and NEVER EVER saw Travolta nor any other true A-lister.

  • Goodnight Moon

    dear mike,

    well, i’ve been to south america several times and i’ve never seen carmen miranda, so….?

    whether or not you choose to believe the randolph book is entirely up to you. though the alleged sauna incident he refers to in the book took place in the pre-camera phone era of 1995:

    john’s homosexual proclivities have been fairly well documented over time:

    additionally, mike, the church of scientology trades in fomenting a lot of ill will toward the LGBT community, and travolta, as a “member” ought to account for at least a bit of that.

    not to mention the terrible advice they gave to him about stopping his son’s anti-seizure medication.

    rock on queerty

  • B

    No. 2 · Mike in Asheville wrote, “If Travolta ever showed up at sex club Slammer,…”

    Someone in Travolta’s position (e.g. income bracket, press attention, etc.) does not go to sex clubs. He does what the
    nobility used to do and gets a house call. Basically, the sex club comes to him, with all the “workers” screened to make sure they are all discrete.

    You know, like in Rossini’s opera The Barber of Seville, where Figaro makes house calls to cut the hair of various noblemen’s daughters. He makes a lot on the side as various horny young men pay him to deliver notes that would otherwise never make it past the front door.

  • meego

    The pregnancy was fake. She wore prosthetics to simulate pregnancy. Travolta is one of the phoniest people in showbiz. And so is his marriage.

  • Goodnight Moon

    did you read ANY of the links i posted mike?

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