Spacey Speaks Out on Marriage Equality (Without the Obnoxious “BTW I’m Gay” Speech)

While attending Petra Nemcova’s 2008 Happy Hearts Gala, where he was auctioning off a date with himself, Kevin Spacey spoke out on Prop 8, telling a reporter “there’s no doubt that election night was a bittersweet night. But in some ways, these kinds of setbacks allow for a bigger fight, more challenges, and eventually we’re going to get it right.”

Spacey, a member of the Anderson-Cooper-Club-for-Men-Who Won’t-Comment-on-Their-Sexuality-Even-After-It’s Blindingly-Obvious-to-Everyone did not use the occasion, as Wanda Sykes did on Saturday, to talk about his own personal sexuality, which has, as of late, included publicly spanking young men while on vacation. Though when asked about Elton John’s assertion that civil unions ought to do, Spacey replied:

“Well, I haven’t heard what Elton has said about it, and I don’t really know the particular laws in London with respect to whether they just have civil unions or…Look, I think at the end of the day, if people are given rights, and the same basic rights that any individual is given, then we are in fact honoring the Constitution of the United States. Anything less than that is unfair.”

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  • CondeNasty

    It would have been awesome if he just took a stand and came out.

  • Charles Merrill

    His agent, accountant, lawyer and business manager won’t let him come out. They think they would see a loss in their paychecks.

  • fredo777

    If he’s gay, he’ll come out in his own time. I’m just glad he’s not talking nonsense as some of these other so-called celebs are.

  • Roland Basque

    I think it’s really cool to be anti-gay.I mean what does “gay” entail?Is it about a bunch of heterophobes trying to advance their own intolerant and narcissistic agenda?Everyone I know enjoys mimicking and making sport of the self absorbed nebbish twits who consider themselves candidates for veneration just because they are so called gay.Nobody really likes queers they just consider them material for great comedy.

  • retropian

    If Kevin Spacey is indeed gay he really should come out. Not to do so, at this point in history is simply cowardly. He’s a big star and has been around a long time. He’ll continue to have his successes as an out gay man and actor. No one cares if he’s gay. Same for other rumored gay celebs. If you are gay please be brave and come out.

  • Psychofag

    He’s hot…I want to be spanked by him

  • Captain Jack Harkness

    Since when is it “obnoxious” for a respected famous person to come out? SRSLY, WTF.

    Otherwise, I agree with Mr. Spacey.

  • Gad

    Don’t get so excited, guys. Spacey just joined Schwartzie’s, Brad Pitt’s and a big bunch of gay-friendly celebrities’ fight for a rightful cause, that’s all. You just should thank him. In any case, since when does supporting gay rights imply you are coming out as gay yourself?

    As for that alleged “spanking incident”, everybody knows by now that those pics are faked.

  • ajax

    Mr. Spacey’s sexuality, like mine, yours, Anderson Cooper’s and, most imporantly Roland Basque’s (wink wink) is irrelevant when it comes to equal rights. His words sound heartfelt and extemporaneous. He makes clear, cogent points that I whole-heartedly support. Good enough for me.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Yeah, but how do you really feel about him, Ajax? ;-)

  • SimianMan

    Wanda Sykes was obnoxious for declaring her homosexuality (whether obvious or not)? Where do you come up with this crap?

    I the editor position needs to be reconsidered for someone a little more in touch with reality.

  • RCDC

    i was always under the impression he’s been out. but then, he’s been in movies long enough that he was there before you had to be media out and regular out. some people are more private than others, and no matter how much they fight the good fight, will never be willing to talk about themselves because it’s their business. so why not let the man just talk?

  • rick

    what was wrong with wanda coming out? made me love her even more!

  • effyou

    Charles Merrill is an idiot. For those of us who are lawyers, agents etc., do you really think we control whether an actor decides to come out? They are all big boys and girls and can certainly make those decisions on their own. I’ve been in the biz for 26 years and have never had a client ask me whether they should come out nor I have I ever told one not to.

  • Gad


    I totally agree. If Spacey has resisted over ten years of relentless harassment from the tabs and – which is even more questionable – from the gay community, he must have a pretty good reason. We could give him at least the benefit of the doubt and just thank him for grudgelessly supporting the cause of marriage equality.

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