Spanish Artists’ Marriage Piece Blocked By Priest

Spanish artist Salvador Luna and his partner, Antonio Hernández, have come up against some opposition over their newest show, 1 + 1 = Nous. The ceramicists’ commentary on gay marriage had been scheduled to open at Sótano Uno hall this month, but now it may not see the light of day.

The venue in question once counted itself part of a convent. Though it hasn’t been used as such in years, one Catholic priest objects to showing a gay-themed show in the once holy space. Calling for an end to the exhibit, Father Gonzalo Martín says:

What [the artists] are saying is that two men kissing makes a family, and this is their opinion, not that of the Church. We are doing no more in objecting than insisting that the Town Hall complies with the terms of the agreement we signed in handing over the convent. It states specifically that no activities are to be allowed to take place there that are contrary to Church teachings.

Martín also objected to a post showing Luna (pictured) and Hernández in a loving lip-lock.

In light of Martín’s protests, Luna and Hernández have made postcards of the controversial poster, adding a special message: “Censored by the Church hierarchy”. The cards also accuse Martín and his colleagues of stifling free speech. Luna remarked: “I’m not prepared to step down on this issue. Can I not give my marriage partner a kiss in public.”

Martín, meanwhile, claims his protests have nothing to do with the artist’s sexuality, simply the message: “For example, we once considered a choral piece to be inappropriate, so we took it out.” While that may be true, the priest cannot deny his political motivations. We’re sure there would be no problem if the couple in question were straight. The church loves to celebrate marriage. It’s the homo-undertones that ruffle Martín’s feathers.

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