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Spanish rapper Arkano comes out, says he’s “open to everything.” Now, about his Tinder page…

Arkano is a Spanish rapper and contestant on the reality show MasterChef Celebrity 6. He’s also on Tinder. And when it comes to sex, he’s very open-minded.

All of this was revealed on this week’s episode of the popular cooking competition, when the 27-year-old opened up about his sexuality while talking to fellow contestant Eduardo Navarrete.

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When Navarrete asked about a photo of a rainbow flag Arkano recently shared with his 1 million Instagram followers, the rapper replied that he’s “open to everything.” Except on his dating profile, where he sticks to ladies only. At least, for now.

“Only girls on Tinder,” he said, causally. “Other than that, I have done everything. I am open to everything.”

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Later in the episode, Arkano said that he’s “very excited to get married, look at the other person, and say, ‘I love you. It was you.’ Who doesn’t want that?”

Scroll down for some pics from Arkano’s Instagram page…