This Week In Leaks

Spanish Soccer Players Are Teammates On And Off Pitch As Sex Tape Makes Rounds


“We deeply regret that an indiscretion for which we are not responsible has led to these images being published without our knowledge or, far less, our consent.”

That’s a snippet from the statement posted on the social media accounts of Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna, both from the Spanish soccer club Eibar.

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As The Daily Mail demonstrates, the two players have found themselves unceremoniously splashed on the pages of every tabloid known to man after a short clip featuring them embroiled in a threesome found its way online this week.

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Here’s hoping neither Enrich or Luna ultimately give a flying fuck that the 17-second clip was leaked, and neither do any of their teammates.

Here’s their joint statement in full: 

We likewise regret the potential damage [not only] to our image but in particular to that of our club, whose colours we represent, and that it could have offended our supporters and the city of Eibar in general.”

“We are aware that professional footballers should set an example in every walk of life, especially to children; this being the reason we apologise if this incident has caused harm to anyone.”

“Equally, we want to apologise for the damage the circulation of this video could cause to the third person involved in the video.”

“We wish to stress that, as SD Eibar players, an exemplary club that represents a set of fans and a city equally exemplary, we stand by the values that have been shown to us since we arrived in Eibar. We hope this incident does not in any way harm the image of the club, nor that of our team-mates.”

Wait, what? You want to see the clip? You sicken us. And you can find it right HERE