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Spanish TV presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez talks about 21-year-old boy toy he met on Instagram

Jorge Javier Vázquez is a Spanish TV presenter, writer, and producer, and one of the most recognizable faces on television in Spain. Think of him sort of like a Catalonian Andy Cohen.

In a new blog post, Vázquez is opening up about his much younger male lover, who he recently met on Instagram.

“He’s one of the most spectacular guys I’ve ever seen,” 48-year-old Vázquez says of the 21-year-old guy, who he refers to simply as “F.”

“I spend many moments scrutinizing his photos, recreating myself in each and every part of his body.”

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¡Buenos días y a disfrutar del sábado! ?

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Vázquez, a coveted bachelor, goes on to say the warm weather has “made my body and my soul horny.”

“Streets of Spain, beware,” he writes. “The beast is beginning to wake up. After a winter that has become very hard, my body begins to realize that spring is around the corner.”

From there, things get quite poetic, as Vázquez continues: “Let F. tremble and all the ‘Efes’ of the world. I am willing to lose the oremus by a smile or a slow fall of eyes. The one who warns is not a traitor.”

The TV personality has never been shy when it comes to sharing about his amorous escapades. In the past, he’s talked about his lack of luck on Grindr, and last year he revealed he was recovering from a broken heart caused by another 20-something who he also happened to meet on Instagram.

We have no idea who this “F.” guy is, but he sure seems to have left quite an impression!

Scroll down for more pics from Vázquez’s Instagram page…

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Ejem, ejem… #supervivientes

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Soy de los que piensan que nada es imposible

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