Spartacus: Vengeance Gets Even Hotter With Same-Sex Smooch

We’re already totally indoctrinated into the cult of Spartacus, Starz’ addictive sword-and-sandal series. Hot gladiators, life-and-death dramas and a totally bonkers Lucy Lawless—what’s not to love?

Well, we love it even more now that Agron and Nasir have shared their first kiss. We’re lovers, not fighters, but if joining the rebellion means we’d get action like this, then sign us up!

Source: SuperheroFan

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  • Kostas

    Bless their sweet little hearts.

  • Ray

    Probably the kiss of death. All the other gay characters on the show have been killed off.

  • MEJ

    If there were any less passion in that scene, I’d think he was kissing his granny.

  • MoJo

    Kinda cute.

  • William

    The writer/Exec producer said this romance will evolve much more than the last one and into the third season.

    They are not going anywhere. I liked it, I want to see what else is in store for these two

  • Steve-O

    @Ray if you read a history book you know their all going to die at some point.

    I just hope the writers are telling the truth that we are going to have this relationship develop. I’m also hoping we get a hot gay sex scene like we do the straight ones, and not just some fleeting glimpse like they’ve shown so far.

  • jim2008

    This one caught me by surprise. A very good surprise.

  • Belize


    Well, as far as history is concerned, there is no record of Agron or Nasir. Plus, I highly doubt that everyone was killed during the Servile War though the losses have been high.

  • Stefan

    So adorable. They better have a sex scene soon!

  • Lasatekas

    I think it’s beautiful. The one with the long hair is cute.

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