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Speculating About Vincente Minnelli’s Sexuality Is The Same Thing As Calling Him Gay

He was married to Judy and the father to Liza — so by all accounts, Vincente Minnelli was already a gay man. But the Oscar-winning director is definitely labeled a queen in A Hundred or More Hidden Things, the new bio from Mark Griffin, who says, “Despite the fact that Minnelli was married to Judy Garland and three other women…it was generally assumed that he was a closeted gay man who, due to the societal conditioning of his era, felt compelled to marry and procreate. I was surprised to discover that the people I spoke to about all of this often provided dramatically conflicting anecdotes or opinions. It seems clear to me that on several levels, Minnelli was living in two different worlds.”

But we already knew Vincente was a ‘mo. In Emanuel Levy’s book Vincente Minnelli: Hollywood’s Dark Dreamer, the director is revealed as living as an openly gay man in New York before moving to Hollywood. Levy tried interviewing Liza about her father, who doted on the young girl; she refused. Because of the elephant in the room.

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