Speed Skater Blake Skjellerup Is Single, Ready To Cuddle

New Zealand’s speed skater Blake Skjellerup, who came out in DNA after the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, has split from his boyfriend of 15 months. Because they’re both ambitious types.

“We still love each other a lot, but we just accepted that for us to both achieve what we wanted to, we couldn’t be together,” says Skjellerup. The Vancouver Sun notes “it had been his longest gay relationship. He admits he is hurting. They were headed in different directions. His partner was an athlete who decided to focus on finishing school and moving on to the business world. Skjellerup wanted to continue his career in skating, focusing his sights on Sochi, Russia, in 2014.”

Luckily he should have no problem finding a new mate. Dude loves to get up on you.

Speaking of hugs, that is what Skjellerup was handing out at the Air New Zealand booth at the Vancouver Pride parade. Or cuddles, as he called them. Anyone who wanted one got one. “I’ll cuddle with you any time, honey,” said a man tarted up as a woman. Skjellerup seemed a little shy at his? her? brazen approach but the two embraced. It was part of a marketing campaign by Air New Zealand to promote their new Skycoach, also known as the cuddle class. Travelling companions can purchase two seats in economy class and a third seat at half price. The footrests come out to form a couch where they can cuddle up on the long flight.

I’ll pay full fare if Blake comes with the ticket.

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  • KWil

    Hell yes! Kiwi boys represent! I’m ALSO single, I’m living in auckland NZ, I freakin LOVE cuddles, I’m your man baby :P


    Damm! Between him and Matthew Mitchem, don’t know whats they are feeding these Gay Olympians lately but they are turnin out mighty hawt………

  • Jem

    I’d cuddle with him anytime as well….. and then some.

  • Jeffree

    Blake: Call me ;-D……. As anyone who knows me, I’m all about cuddles & brunch! And jam sessions that last for hours……….

    Also into cryptography too, but we can leave that part out! p.s. i can’t skate. Is that really that important? oh, wait, i have a bf already, nevermind.

  • Jem

    @Jeffree: Maybe you guys can work out a threesome cuddle-session. :D lol


    @Jeffree: J, you gots my number big time……Put me on the list if your BF is abducted by aliens….Nothing more betterer on a Sunday morn than cuddlin’ in the bed reading the papers or watchin a silly old movie, doin the caffine scene. And then doin brunch at a small outta the way quaint little place for some mimosas and omletz, (I like jam on my toast also) :-p………*yum*

  • Blake J

    So gorgeous that it should be easy for him to find a new boyfriend!

  • Toby

    Is it me or is the Olympics getting more and more interesting?

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