Speedo Student Tim Is Still Attending Class, Albeit on Academic Probation

SOUNDBITES — “I continue to attend classes, and so far I have not experienced any backlash from other students. It may go on behind my back, but I haven’t noticed anything. The worst that has happened was having a drunken girl yell at me one Saturday night a couple weeks back. Being in class isn’t awkward for me. I don’t have a consciousness of having done anything wrong; what I did can even be considered scholarly because it has been a means of opening a discussion about issues of sexuality and social norms. I was up in front of a class just yesterday for a group presentation and it didn’t make me feel self-conscious at all. The school considered it enough of an issue to place me on academic probation. I disagree with that decision, but I can’t really protest it either. Hawaii, I’ve been told, is a more conservative and closeted area when it comes to sexuality, and the college administration is heavily conservative and Republican, so yes, I imagine it is a big deal for them.” —Tim, the Hawai’i “Speedo Student,” whose collection of Speedos now numbers 13. (Via a lengthy interview with the porn star Brent Corrigan, NSFW)