Spencer Matthews “Mortified” Over Full Frontal Photo Leak

Spencer Matthews,  the 25-year-old who stars in the British reality series Made in Chelsea, is said to be “absolutely mortified” after a nude photo of him appeared on the internet.

The photo surfaced on Twitter on October 29 and has been retweeted over 8,000 times. In it, Matthews is standing at the foot of a bed in what appears to be a hotel room, butt naked except for a gold watch.

A source close to Matthews told UK’s MailOnline: “The picture was taken in a private situation without him knowing and Spencer is mortified that tens of thousands of people have now seen it.”

“He’s absolutely gutted that this has got out,” the source continued, “and will probably be thinking twice before trusting people again.”

Some Made in Chelsea fans are claiming this is just karma catching up to the reality star, who has admitted to cheating numerous times on multiple girlfriends, sometimes in their own beds.

Click here to see the NSFW uncensored shot.

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  • Katbox

    Shouldn’t of taken it then.

  • QJ201

    nudes of a reality “star”

    not a bad piece it seems though

  • balehead

    Not a accident…The woman’s leg is supposed to prove he’s not a closet case…

  • Caleb in SC

    As Prince Harry famously found out, if you are going to sport f$%^, then have your partners check their cells at the door.

  • Philip

    News flash Spencer, we’ve seen junk before. Many times.

  • Kangol

    Who is this person? He’s not working with much. The pole vaulter was the real deal.

  • Kangol

    Who is he again? He’s not working with much. That pole vaulter was the real deal.

  • litper

    ewww, he’s wasting huis body with a woman

  • DarkZephyr

    @litper: Amen lol

  • NorthTexasGuy

    ….And he is WHO? (they say anything for more attention) the Weather channel is on , gotta run….

  • NorthTexasGuy

    ….And he is WHO? A real man wouldn’t give a shit,lol the Weather channel is on , gotta run….

  • viveutvivas

    Apparently Queerty is just as mortified, given that they felt the need to photoshop a pastie over his genitals, as if they were twelve.

  • SteveDenver

    He shouldn’t be mortified. He looks good. I would have sworn he was a pube shaver. That he’s not is a mark in his favor.

  • Aires the Ram

    If indeed he is “absolutely mortified” that people saw his dick, I fear how the poor boy would react if he goes in the mens locker room at a gym, and takes a shower with other naked men in gang-style showers!

  • Bellamy

    That’s one of the consequences of fornication, I guess.

  • Mr-DJ

    Note to writer: The term is “Buck” naked, not “Butt” naked. It’s short for “Naked as a buck”. Just an FYI.

  • jaack

    Why does queerty CENSOR these pics when I can LEAVE queerty & get uncensored photo. Do we really need, Other than a non-photo site? Since we will never know what ELSE is photoshopped on queerty

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