Jordan McKenzie "Taking The Piss"?

Sperm Art Births Protest In England

40-year old British Jordan McKenzie and his masturbatory art are causing quite a stir in merry old England.

[McKenzie] has made 55 images by ejaculating over canvas and sprinkling carbon over the results to immortalize them.

The results of his labor entitled Spent are to go on display at the Centre for Recent Drawing in Highbury, north London, for a month.

But Father Kit Cunningham, of St Etheldredas Church in Clerkenwell, said: “All we can do is pray for the artist.”

Art lover and artist David Gleeson said… “I am in favor of almost any form of expression but I do baulk at ejaculating over a piece of paper. Oh please! Excuse the pun, but it sounds like he’s taking the piss.”

McKenzie’s hardly the first artist to display his discharge. Our old friend Matthias Hermann has been doing it for years.