Vaginas Have Convenient Handles

Sperm’s Big In Japan

Via demonbaby:

The Plasma Sperm is a home microscope kit designed especially for men to view their little testicular tadpoles up close and personal. That’s right boys – next time you blow a load all over your stomach looking at celebrity nip slip galleries, don’t reach for that dirty gym sock – reach for the Plasma Sperm, and see how your little swimmers are holding up.

We know things are different in Japan, but is there really a market for men who want to check out their spermatozoa?

Also, do Japanese women have strings coming out of their vaginas? See what we mean, after the jump.

(Do inhuman female reproductions count as NSFW?)

This doll’s obviously for a man who enjoys treating women like rag dolls. And who like to be fucked contortionist style.