Sports Editor: NFL Teams “Want To Know Whether Manti Te’o Is Gay”

mantite'oHere’s the elephant in the room, and it shouldn’t matter, but we have to step aside from the rest of reality and walk into the unique industry that is the NFL. Teams want to know whether Manti Te’o is gay. They just want to know. They want to know because, in an NFL locker room, it’s a different world. It shouldn’t be that way.” editor Mike Florio, discussing fake-girlfriend-having Manti Te’o, on the Dan Patrick Show.

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  • yaoming

    Don’t flatter yourselves, boys.

  • nevereclipsed81

    He’s not gay, he’s just a very gullible, slightly a-sexual mormon. That guy did sound like a woman.

  • stfallon1028

    NFL teams and everyone else who has been following this story! However, in the spirit of good will, why don’t we let Manti be his dim, impressionable jock self?

  • missedgle

    In Joy Baher’s voice SO WHAT WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jackpapa

    It is not ok to speculate about this man’s sexuality. Period.

  • Darson

    You are never going to stop people from gossiping about juicy stuff like this.
    Manti opened this can of worms all by himself. I have never understood this ongoing
    need of people to share every flipping thing that happens in their life. Sorry
    his grandmother died but don’t try and tell me he wasn’t using that and the gf’s
    death to boost his chances of getting that trophy. And now it has come back to
    bite him in his cute little butt.

  • Dionte

    @jackpapa: it’s funny how they are always so curious

  • Kieran

    Bottom line: It’s not Mike Florio’s or anybody else’s business what Manti Te’o’s sexual orientation is. And Manti Te’o shouldn’t be put in the situation where he has to announce his sexual orientation to put homophobic minds at ease.

  • jacknasty

    @jackpapa: I think it is OK to speculate about his sexuality, he publicly lied about his relationship, if you agree to discuss your personal relationships with the media then you are giving people the right to speculate on it.

    He said he met her, which wasn’t true. And he allowed people to believe his girlfriend died when she in fact did not exist. And I don’t believe for a second that he genuinely believed she actually was real/died because there’s no way he would have continued to play if he actually thought he was suffering a real loss.

  • BlokeToys

    You know what REALLY annoys me about this? Why is it anyone’s business? I saw some talking heads on some US news show debating it like it’s a serious issue, suggesting that people “deserve” an answer.

    He’s not a politician, he’s not elected, the public do not pay his wage. He has a right to privacy and people have no damn right to be “demanding” anything of this man!

    He’s a sportsman, and no American citizen has the damned right to demand anything from him at all!

  • BlokeToys


    Absolutely right. People in the US treat their sportsmen as if they own them, as if they have a public duty to give themselves completely to a load of fans. No one in the USA has any right to be demanding any information from this man at all, ever.

    How would these people feel if they were being harassed in public, on TV, in papers and magazines, being asked intrusive questions about their personal life as if they owe them an explanation?

    He is a free American citizen, and no other person has the right to be making inquiries like this into his personal life. Discussion is one thing, but people demanding answers like he’s on trial is just sickening to me.

  • BlokeToys


    It’s perfectly okay to speculate about all sorts of things. But when that speculation becomes accusation, harassment and attack, that’s when it becomes a problem.

    People can speculate all they like, but demanding answers from him as though he’s committed some despicable crime is what is really disgusting about this whole embarrassing fiasco.

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