“A play centered around Ayaz Marhouni and Mahmoud Asgari, the two Iranian teenagers executed in Iran three years ago and who were widely thought to have been gay, is set to have its world premier in Chicago this week. Haram Iran, written by Chicago lawyer Jay Paul Deratany and directed by David Zak, is based on the true story about the trial of two Iranian teenagers in Mashad, Iran in 2005.” [UK Gay News]

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  • tallskin

    “… and then the horrifying ordeal of being tried by an unforgiving Iranian legal system which misinterprets the Muslim law of Sharia”.

    HUH???!!!! Misinterprets?? the vile Koran clearly says that gays should be killed.

    “The dates, names and many of the facts are true, however the trial scenes and much of the side story of the boys is fictional since it is not known exactly what occurred during the trial,” playwright Jay Paul Deratany explains.”

    –So, the whole fucking thing is total fiction. We don’t even really know if these kids were gay at all. And we have no idea what occurred in their trial etc.

    “What is known is that they were adolescents, who were tried and sentenced for the ‘sin’ of homosexuality,” he said.

    -Oh ok.

    “The bottom line is two young boys were killed for the ‘crime’ of being gay,” he said.

    In Iran thousands of people, including children, are jailed or killed each year, some because they are women who have had pre-maritial sex, and others because they are considered to be homosexual.

    -But follows the logic of a cruel and absurd belief of a sky pixie religion.

    The play involves some nudity, and violence, and a criticism of Iranian politics together with their very flawed legal system.

    -Oh gosh! How electrifying.

    However, it does not critique or criticize Muslims, or the Muslim faith, which is a loving and peaceful religion, Mr. Deratany pointed out.

    – LOL you’re having a fucking larf, aincha?? How can you possibly say this when in every single muslim country gay sex is illegal – and ALL the shitholes in the world that execute gays are all fucking muslim. Surely you have the brains to realise this??? How can you therefore say that Islam is a peaceful religion??

    I say this Dr Deratany, you are a fuckwit. Give up your absurd sky pixie religion and get a life, per-leaze.

    I think what bothers me about this, when on the surface it is a good and humane idea, is that these muslims are NOT confronting their absurd religion but are rather saying that the problem lies in a “misinterpretation” of it. This is utter bollocks,

    Islam is the homophobic problem

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