Spotlight On Gay TV

GLAAD and its star-studded pals will celebrate the non-profit’s 19th annual media awards this weekend.

You know, when scads of celebrities come together to talk about how television help gay people – the least taxing of all activism.

In honor of the big event, Variety published a sizable article looking at the evolution of homos in media, especially on ABC, which garnered five nominations for its shows, like Brothers & Sisters.

Obviously Disney-ABC television executives are thrilled to bits, like president Anne Sweeney:

This is a reflection of how much we value our audience. We’re hardwired to mirror the voices of our full audience. That’s why these nominations are so important to us. We don’t have a formal mandate. We have a team of people who embrace diversity and want to reflect the audiences that watch our programs.

This begs the question: which came first, gay television or gay viewers…