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Squabbling Over DADT Officially More Cumbersome Than Enacting an Actual Repeal

Goodness. I just get to a certain point where I stop caring about this whole White House vs Congress debate over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The latest claims the White House is telling members of Congress not to push forward on adding a DADT repeal to the Defense Department budget reauthorization bill, and then the White House spits back saying the claim is a lie. Neither of these two White House sources are on the record, which is typical, but says quite a bit. And it’s like, Ya know what this back and forth is doing? Giving the blogs (including this one) something to bitch about, while lawmakers and President Obama act like 8-year-olds who won’t share their Nintendo DS, and our gay soldiers continue to suffer because everybody keeps saying their balls are bigger, when everybody’s balls look like raisins. There are few worse human qualities than apathy, and I’m not saying I’m headed there on this one, but Democrats sure are making it easy to feel so frustrated you just want to give up. But we can’t, because lives and livelihoods are at stake. But if you wouldn’t mind running me over with that tank, I’d feel much better in the morning.