A Square Deal

Square COO Resigns Over Gay Harassment Claim

Keith Robois

The COO of Square, Keith Rabois, has resigned after a being accused of sexual harassment by a male employee and threatened with a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

The drama caused Rabois to release a statement announcing his resignation from Square, a massively popular mobile payment company. He said he began a relationship with the man several years ago after being introduced through mutual friends and encouraged him to apply to the company, where he was eventually hired.

“I had no impact on his potential success at the company,” Rabois wrote. “At no point did he ever report directly to me, and I have seen his work product less than a handful of times.”

The man has said the relationships wasn’t consensual and is now threatening legal action.

Rabois, 43, has denied the claims and plans to defend himself, calling the action a “shakedown.”

“”I was told that only a payment of millions of dollars will make this go away, and that my career, my reputation, and my livelihood will be threatened if Square and I don’t pay up,” he wrote.

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  • Dot Beech

    Never shit where you eat.

  • sfbeast

    i’m guessing the details are missing from the news articles. if it is indeed a shakedown, which it sounds like it is, why did he resign?

  • Will L

    @Dot Beech: Ain’t it the truth!

    I can see this different ways. Even if he had a relationship going first, then the guy got a job with the company, then he wants to break it off, I can see there still being pressure to continue the relationship or lose the job. HOWEVER, whether he admits it or not, he probably wouldn’t have the job if it weren’t for the relationship.

    Dot’s right on this one. Getting him a job where he works was his first mistake.

  • miniskull

    It screams an extortion case. So this relationship went on for several years, when the company just started and there was no problem. Now the company’s worth billions of dollars and the ex-bf began to sue? He is clearly a money-hungry bitch. Keith is not free of charge, either. Even though he was not involved in the hiring decision (or as he claimed), having a personal relationship at work is never good, at all, everyone knows that. I don’t understand why they didn’t go to the HR office and make the relationship publicly when they were still together? Frankly I ain’t feel sorry for any of them. The bf is a gold-digger. This guy should have known better and probably made enough money from this company so stepping down seems to be a cheaper decision.

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