St. Patty’s Gay: Vintage Guinness Ad Features Same-Sex Couple

WATCH: Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, it only seems appropriate to revisit one of our favorite inclusive ads from yesteryear. In this spot for Guinness, a sloppy hunk is tended to by his patient mate. Only in the closing moments do we realize that his partner is another hunk.

“There was a desire by the agency and Guinness to have a certain ambiguity about it,” advertising pro Tony Kaye said about the 1995 spot. “So that when you watch the spot, you said, ‘Well are these guys gay or not?’ These guys are gay—the storytelling, to me, needed him to give the other guy a little peck on the cheek.”

Alas, Guinness got cold feet and the ad never ran on TV.

Source: Commercial Closet via Aksarbent

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