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St. Valentine Totally Hoodwinked The Straights

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  • REBELComx

    Once again…not funny. And now, not even accurate.
    There are actually three Saint Valentines and none of them were martyred for marrying Christian couples and none of them were associated with romance of any kind until Chaucer wrote poems referring to a Saint Valentine’s Day as the day when birds choose mates (which is a different Valentine even of the three previous and who’s feast day is in May). In fact, there is actually no information available on the Saint Valentine who’s Catholic feast day was listed as the 14th of February except that he was killed in Africa with many other people and was buried Feb 14th.
    But thanks to Chaucer and the popular notion of “courtly love” in the Middle Ages, a “High Court of Love” was created in Paris on Valentine’s day in 1400CE and dealt with love and marriage contracts, breaches of said contracts, and violence against women. This court was actually the start of the current Valentine traditions of gifting and poetry, originally used to gain the favor of the 10 – 12 female judges as well as to court a lover within the court proceedings.
    However, the ancient, possibly even pre-Roman, fertility festival of Lupercalia is celebrated from the 13th to the 15th. The most prominent tradition of Lupercalia was for all of the young men to run through town naked and striking people they passed by with soft thongs. Why can’t we bring THAT one back?

  • Spooky

    we learn from history that we never learn anything from history

  • j

    Atleast this was one of the better ones though.

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