Long Hours, Bad Pay, Airborne Herpes Cited...

Staffers Jump ‘HX’ Ship

Things have been mighty quiet over at HX, one of New York’s two free weekly fag rags. As we told you earlier this year, the magazine’s doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to keeping staffers.

Founder Matthew Bank and publisher Gary Lacinski sacked scores of employees earlier this year, but have been working to maintain their numbers. It seems, however, that staffers simply can’t hang. From a reader:

The past two weeks, HX magazine has had quite a number of resignations – the creative director, listings editor, classified account executive and Matthew Bank’s personal assistant position. The reason for the resignations have been varied, but it might have something to do with the graveyard hours (5-6am) and the strenuous work overload that Bank has been foisting on the minimal staff after last year’s round of layoffs. (You can point interested readers to apply at Craigslist. They’re accepting HX applications over there.)

Last week was so bad that Bank recommended turning off the air conditioner just so he could save money.

Accepting applications over Craigslist, huh? That’s certainly a step up from their old method: writing help wanted signs above glory holes.