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Stalking The Guys Of “Looking” Across San Francisco

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Say what you will about HBO’s new dramedy Looking, there’s one thing even the harshest critics agree on: San Francisco looks absolutely gorgeous, thanks to the cool, gray city of love and to the loving depiction by Andrew Haigh. And we should know: Queerty & our sister site, GayCities, are based in SF and we’ve been know to scout many of the same locations for many of the, ahem, same things from time to time.

Here’s a look at the fabulous places where the character’s have been going about their business over the first three episodes.

Judging by the Mission/Castro/Downtown centricity, the producers clearly did their research.

1. Buena Vista Park

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The show opens with Patrick engaging in a fumbling HJ in an undisclosed park. But, in all likelihood, it’s Buena Vista.

2. Zuni Cafe

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We meet Dom at his long-time serving job at Zuni Cafe on Market St. The whole roasted chicken is an absolute must.

3. Press Club

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Patrick out-awkwards his handjob experience with an even more awkward (do we sense a theme yet?) date at Press Club. First tip-off should have been the fact that it was a date at the self-described “exclusive” Press Club.

4. El Rio

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Patrick’s ex’s bachelor party takes place at the ever-lovely South Mission bar El Rio.

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Looks about right.

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Hey, isn’t that Tom Temprano (aka DJ Carnita) of El Rio’s monthly soul extravaganza Hard French? Lookin’ good, Tom.

5. Esta Noche

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Patrick goes to meet the cute doorman at this Latin Mission gay bar.

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6. The Bay Bridge


The boys move Augustin to Oakland over the Bay Bridge. Only two episodes in and we’re already leaving SF for cheaper rent.

7. Union Square

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We see Dom stroll through Union Square on the way to meet his ex at Starbucks. You can find the Starbucks on your own damn time.

8. Doc’s Clock

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Patrick takes Richie (the boy from Esta Noche) to Mission dive Doc’s Clock, where there’s always a big dog to greet you on your way in. The dog unfortunately doesn’t make a cameo.

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9. The Castro Theater

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Ok well they don’t exactly go to the theater, but it does make a pretty nice photobomb.

10. The Cafe

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Just around the corner from The Castro Theater, the boys end up at dance bar The Cafe. It’s pretty clear that’s where they are by the sole fact that they’re dancing in the Castro without being entirely walled in, just partially.

11. Valencia St. btwn. 16th and 17th

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In episode three, Patrick and Dom take a lunchtime stroll down Valencia (note SF drunk food staple Nizario’s Pizza in the background), and we finally see the boys engaging in one of the city’s finest pastimes: scarfing down a burrito.

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Except in reality it would be twice as large, and salsa would be dribbling down his face.

12. Eros

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Dom indulges his lusty nature once again, this time at Castro sex club Eros. He gets what he came for in the form of a muscled cruiser, but hey! He also makes a friend–Lynn the florist–and gets a little San Francisco history lesson in the steam room.

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We can only assume Dom will somehow try to get Lynn involved in his unfunded dreams of becoming SF’s hottest restauranteur.

And ok, seriously. How dreamy does the city by The Bay look??

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