Stand For Marriage Maine Honorably Misrepresents Attorney General’s Views on Marriage


Aww, that’s so cute how you thought Stand For Marriage Maine would accurately represent what Maine’s Attorney General had to say about gay marriage and schools!

This is what AG Janet Mills had to say: “Whatever the benefits and burdens of the civil institution of marriage, the state’s definition of marriage has no bearing on the curricula in our public schools, either under the current law or under LD 1020.”

And this is what S4MM told its supporters: “AG Mills Unable to Deny Same-Sex Marriage Can Be Taught in Maine Schools.”

Which is technically correct. But is there a mandate to teach kids about marriage in schools? No. Would we recommend teachers include it in conversations with students about hetero marriage? Yup.

But none of this is terribly surprising; S4MM has already admitted to lying about what it tells the public. And it continues again with S4MM’s new ad!