Star Jones Chops Up Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington helped Star Jones inaugurate her new, self-titled Court TV series. The interview’s perhaps one of the most complex, nuanced pieces of television journalism ever.

One sharp thinker, Jones employs sports metaphors to discuss former high school basket baller Washington’s infamous faggot flingingt.

SJ: Do you know how to pad yourself appropriately so that when the hit comes?
IW: It depends. There’s a technique called the crack back designed to cut you off at the knees before you can respond to it.
SJ: What happens when you do not evade the ‘crack back’?
IW: You get hurt. And you’re taken out the game completely.
Voice Over: And Isaiah almost found himself completely out of the game in the aftermath that followed the dustup on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.
SJ: Did you ever feel in this last year of your life that the crack back technique was being used?
IW: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.
SJ: Were you blind sided at all, Isaiah?
IW: That’s a good question.

We disagree. We also have our own question: can the crack back technique also be referred to the cracker back technique? As in, I’m going to get that cracker back for taking me down?