Star Jones Misses the Point


A brave tipster sat through an entire episode of estrogen gab-fest The View and came back with this, shall we say, juicy tidbit and fired it off to Defamer.

10:43. I’m watching ‘The View’ for unknown reasons, and the ladies have a private investigator on. He’s selling an eighty dollar kit that allows you to find out if your spouse is cheating on you without hiring his services. He brings in blue gym shorts that were sent to him from a suspecting wife, and he’s going to ultraviolet test them on-air to determine if there are bodily fluids. The investigator finds a glowy spot and says, “Now you see that? That’s something that really shouldn’t be there.” Meredith says wait, hey, he can’t tell if it’s a woman’s bodily fluids or a man’s, though, and then Star jumps in. Direct quote: “Well there’s a huge difference between vaginal and seminal fluid. Seminal fluid I can handle if you’re my husband. Vaginal fluid…I got issues.”

Star, Star, Star. Some times you just need to be sat down and have your girlfriends tell it like it is. When it comes to your exfoliated and perfectly coifed man, Al, trust us, it ain’t the vaginal fluids you should have issues with. Unless of course you all have a “thing” all worked out and then in that case it’s none of our business. Just as long as Barbra Walters is not involved, we can stomach it.