Star Trek’s Chris Pine Went To Gay Pride In New York

Star Trek star Chris Pine Was on Conan this week promoting, oh, we don’t know, the DVD release of This Means War? He revealed, though, that he was in New York City for Gay Pride on Sunday and got caught in the melee. Oh we empathize, Chris.

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  • The creepy doctor from College Boy Physicals

    I’d suck his dick. I’d suck it dryyyyy…..

  • yaoming

    I thought it was Spock who was gay. Where was he?

  • manhandlemike

    Just saw “This Means War” and there was definitely homoerotic tension between
    Chis Pine and Tom Hardy! Who needs Reese Witherspoon!?

  • iDavid

    Hilarious! I love this guy.

  • Wes

    Chris may not actually be Gay but he is one “homolicious” package of a man!! I love
    his style, his smile, and his sense of humor. Oh, by the way, Star Trek with Chris
    Pine was a truly hot movie…but then I grew-up as a Trekkie.

  • Anonymouse

    @Wes: He could be bi.

  • Gay Bacon

    There was this one episode in Star Trek The Next Generation where they tackled the idea of sexual orientation which I guess was something they lynched you for back in their day. Anyway, Ryker aka Number 1 (ohhhh myyyyy ) falls in love with an alien that doesn’t have a gender or is both genders(confusing either way) and he totally goes all Dom Bear on it’s a$$ LOL.

    Star Trek is awesome.

  • lmichaelj

    HELLO. He’s homophobic with this rant. HELLO!

  • DDmalone


    How? Because he was chased by a guy with just a sock on? If anything, he could have pressed charges for sexual harassment. That hardly qualifies him as a homophobe, he was just relaying his experience

  • Riker

    @DDmalone: Agreed, making a joke about the way people dress/act at Pride does not imply an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuality. HE didn’t seem afraid or disgusted; he was comfortable enough with it to tell the world he was at NYC Pride. Also, there’s PLENTY to make jokes about at Pride.

  • bienclar

    He’s lovely and I would probably chase him down the street too. Not too sure about the sock ensemble though…

  • nineinchnail

    Rumour has it Mr Pine is packing a lot of wood. He’s deelish!! :)

  • Regen

    To anyone who thinks that Chris is homophobic, he played a gay character in a movie called “Surrender Dorothy”. There are kissing scenes and even a small bad scenes. I don’t think a homophobe would ever do that. On top of that, he is also a good friend of Zachary Quinto.

    By the way, I think he’s very attractive. A hot guy with a sense of humour is a big WIN!

  • Karl

    I still cant get over learning that his father used to play Ponch’s boss Sgt. Getraer back on ‘Chips’!

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