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  • The creepy doctor from College Boy Physicals

    I’d suck his dick. I’d suck it dryyyyy…..

  • yaoming

    I thought it was Spock who was gay. Where was he?

  • manhandlemike

    Just saw “This Means War” and there was definitely homoerotic tension between
    Chis Pine and Tom Hardy! Who needs Reese Witherspoon!?

  • iDavid

    Hilarious! I love this guy.

  • Wes

    Chris may not actually be Gay but he is one “homolicious” package of a man!! I love
    his style, his smile, and his sense of humor. Oh, by the way, Star Trek with Chris
    Pine was a truly hot movie…but then I grew-up as a Trekkie.

  • Anonymouse

    @Wes: He could be bi.

  • Gay Bacon

    There was this one episode in Star Trek The Next Generation where they tackled the idea of sexual orientation which I guess was something they lynched you for back in their day. Anyway, Ryker aka Number 1 (ohhhh myyyyy ) falls in love with an alien that doesn’t have a gender or is both genders(confusing either way) and he totally goes all Dom Bear on it’s a$$ LOL.

    Star Trek is awesome.

  • lmichaelj

    HELLO. He’s homophobic with this rant. HELLO!

  • DDmalone


    How? Because he was chased by a guy with just a sock on? If anything, he could have pressed charges for sexual harassment. That hardly qualifies him as a homophobe, he was just relaying his experience

  • Riker

    @DDmalone: Agreed, making a joke about the way people dress/act at Pride does not imply an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuality. HE didn’t seem afraid or disgusted; he was comfortable enough with it to tell the world he was at NYC Pride. Also, there’s PLENTY to make jokes about at Pride.

  • bienclar

    He’s lovely and I would probably chase him down the street too. Not too sure about the sock ensemble though…

  • nineinchnail

    Rumour has it Mr Pine is packing a lot of wood. He’s deelish!! :)

  • Regen

    To anyone who thinks that Chris is homophobic, he played a gay character in a movie called “Surrender Dorothy”. There are kissing scenes and even a small bad scenes. I don’t think a homophobe would ever do that. On top of that, he is also a good friend of Zachary Quinto.

    By the way, I think he’s very attractive. A hot guy with a sense of humour is a big WIN!

  • Karl

    I still cant get over learning that his father used to play Ponch’s boss Sgt. Getraer back on ‘Chips’!

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