‘All Stars’ Winner Alaska Gets Real About Exes, Messy ‘Drag Race’ Fans


Despite a little bump in the road towards the end of season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, there has never been a queen so deserving of the crown as season five runner-up Alaska Thunderfuck. She came prepared, she played brilliantly and she was funny as all hell.

She also proved herself to be a savvy marketer, releasing music during the show’s run that tied in with a very memorable Lil Poundcake appearance.

So not to miss a beat, she’s released a new video just after her big win.

In “The T,” Alaska does not hold back. Here’s a sampling of the song’s lyrics:

On his exes:

Now lets talk about my exes
I cheated on Sharon with a guy in Texas
I’m just kidding he was really in Florida
But what the fuck fucking rhymes with Florida?
We were good together but we’re better apart
And I learned a lot from that broken heart
Sharon and Chad, I’m happy for you
Cerrone the Cat I fucking miss you boo
Now every breakup turned out so well
I put a lot of really nice guys through some fucked up hell
But then there was this one guy… Girl…
And if you have Reddit, you probably know all about this already…

On good fans and awful fans:

To the twunk ass messes in the meet and greet
Tryna treat a Ru Girl like a piece of meat
Ow! You’re pullin’ my hair, bitch!
You’re spillin’ my dress bitch!
You think you’re a fan, but you’re only a mess, bitch!
Real fans? I fucking love you
I’d lay myself down on the train tracks for you
In fact, I made this fucking record for you
Call me Delano, cause I Adore you..

Check out the video, featuring Adore Delano, below: