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Start the new year right with some inspiring young love in ‘The One You Never Forget’

Anyone feeling a bit hungover from the holidays–possibly due to spending said holidays single for yet another year–we have your cure. Look no further than the heartwarming short film The One You Never Forget.

The eight-minute mini-movie follows 14-year-old Carrie as he prepares for the big high school dance. His parents want to meet his date, but Carrie dodges their interest for a reason.

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The short comes from director Morgan Jon Fox, known for directing episodes of the show Feral. He also became something of a festival darling with his feature Blue Citrus Hearts in 2003, a story of coming out in Memphis. We suspect that as a Tennessee native, Fox wove a few details of his own life into the story.

Written & directed by Fox, The One You Never Forget stars Tasha Smith (Empire), Malike Whitfield (The Temptations), London Curtis, and Owen D. Stone (Cobra Kai).

Have a look at the film, and see if 2020 looks a little bit lighter.

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